Hair Removal – Threading the Eyebrows

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Threading expert Pinky Jain discusses the basics of facial hair removal including threading the eyebrows.

    Pinky Jain: Hi! I am Pinky and I am a threading expert and I work in the Pink Karma Salon and Spa in Sterling, Virginia and we are going to talk about today the basic facial hair removal. So I am going to talk about threading today.

    Host: Perfect candidates for threading are the ones who have sensitive skin or have skin conditions where they have to use products such as Retin-A or Accutane. These candidates should not use any form of wax to remove facial hair and should try threading. It's an all natural method of removing hair.

    You take a long piece of cotton thread and on one end of the thread, it's anchored in the mouth and the other end is twisted around the hand. What this does is take a line of hair out a single piece of hair out at a time for preciseness of the shape you want to achieve. Perfect eyebrows almost transcend the beauty of the face, and make an immediate, visible impact in makeover session. The most coveted eyebrow shape is the one that starts directly above the inner corner of the eye while the highest point is a little beyond the outer corner of the iris. Mark where the arch will be on the client's eyebrow and start working on the shape and have the client hold the bottom and the top right of the eye area tight. Here is where the removing a line of hair or a single hair with thread makes all the difference on the shape of the brow.

    Once we are done with the threading of the face. We will finish off with some soothing and cooling facial toner to lesson the redness of the skin and then give a slight massage to the face to relax the facial muscles. Pinky Jain: In our next clip, we are going to talk about waxing.

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