Hair Removal – Waxing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Threading expert Pinky Jain discusses the basics of facial hair removal including waxing.

    Pinky Jain: Hi! I am Pinky. I work at Pink Karma Salon and Spa in Sterling. Virginia. We are talking about basic of facial hair removal. So I am going to show you today how to do waxing. So we are actually going to do the upper lip waxing here today, okay.

    So all you have to do first, clean the area where you are going to wax first, so always make sure, because you don't want to spread bacteria or anything like that. I am going to clean the area first with alcohol free toner so and after that I am going to make sure that the area is dry. So I am going to wipe it dry up completely. I am going to apply some baby powder on that. We use the powder to dry out the toner. Now I am going to apply the wax. So I am going to make sure, how the hair direction goes. so it's going this way, so I am going to apply on this way. So I am going to take a wax, a little bit like this and I make sure, there is no dripping and I blew it a couple of times so it's not too hot and I am going to apply -- I am going downwards, so it's a hair direction. And you take your muslin and apply it like this and make sure that you tell your client that put your tongue over this so they have enough support for that and I am going to tap like this three time and I am going to pull the skin so which is like, I am holding going tight and -- voila! Once you are done with the waxing, you are going to apply aloe vera to reduce the redness and the any irritation on the skin. In our next segment, we are going to talk about how to bleach.