Hair Style Techniques – Flat Iron Up Do

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Salon Owner Diahna Husbands demonstrates how to use a flat iron to curl hair for an updo.

    Diahna Husbands

    Diahna Husbands is the owner of Diahna Lynn Hair Studios which was named one of the top salons in the country according to "Short Styles Magazine"2007.  She works behind the scenes on fashion shows. theatre productions, print advertisements and movies.  She studies abroad the latest hair and fashion trends.  She studies in Paris with Vidal Sassoon and stays on top of the current fashion trends by attending Paris Fashion Week.

    She is the innovator in the hair extension and hair replacement industry.  Developing her own methods and products for applying hair extensions and hair replacements.  She works as an educator for a world renown wig manufacturer.  Recieved training from an Italian wig craftsman.  Inaddition she has developed her own line of all natural hair care products. She is known for creating the right style that suits her clients face, shape, lifestyle and personality.

    She also volunteers her time at the Look Good Feel Better Program.  Were she teaches women in all stages of cancer how to take care of their skin.  Also she explains different wig and headcover options.  She has more than a decade of experience working with women from all ethnic backgrounds.


    Diahna Husbands: Hi. My name is Diahna Husbands. I am the owner of Diahna Lynn Hair Studios and today I am showing you how to style your hair with the flat iron. As you can see, I have already shown you how to do three types of gorgeous curls and now I am going to show you how to curl your hair for a simple elegant up do. I am going to show you the tools you are going to need to do the Up Do. But first we are going to begin by sectioning the hair off into four sections. So you take your comb, and I am not going to part her hair down the centre, I am going to use her natural part line to section her hair off. SO, I just section using her natural part line then continue down all the way to the nape of the neck. Starting off through crown of the head, sectioning off the hair from ear to ear. Go from the crown of the head all the way to the nape, and section the hair off, put the clip. Then we take out first section and section that hair off as well. Starting again at the crown of the head, sectioning the back section off, clipping that up, sectioning off the front section. And now, I am going to begin curling for the Up Do. So again, take about an inch and a half wide section, pin the hair up, then take the hair out at a 45 degree angle. So, we are going to do a half based curl, and the reason why we do half based curls or you can either use half based or full based curls and that gives your up do the most amount of support. And it is going to give your hair a very nice texture as well. Taking the iron in, turning the iron, sliding the hair down the iron. And then I am just going to continually take sections down the hair. So, to make a curl, you take the hair out from the head at about a 45 degree angle, turn the iron towards yourself. Then glide the iron down the hair in a steady motion and thats how you make a gorgeous curl with your flat iron. So now, I am just going to continue these steps, curling my models entire head and then I am going to show you how to do the up do in less than ten minutes. So now, I have just completed all four sections curling my models hair for the up do. And now I am about to do the up do. So, we are going to section the hair off, from the crown of the head. Again sectioning the hair off from ear to ear. Then, I am going to go to the left side and section off the hair. Now, I am going to take the comb and comb my models hair up into a high pony tail. Taking the pony tail holder, and wrapping the hair around and for the magic, and I am going to take the pony tail, open it up and turn the pony tail in on it, so, -- and take the back two sections, pin that into a pony tail and taking the other front sections and pining that into the ponytail. So, now I have completed this gorgeous up do. It took less than ten minutes and I know you can do it too. So remember to flat iron your hair, use your flatiron to style your hair and I will see you next time.