Hair Styling – Sectioning

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mona Harb, owner of Lofty Salon, demonstrates how to section your hair for effective blow-drying.

    Mona Harb

    Owner Mona Harb has partnered with the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute, to create a medi-spa/salon that provides everything from hair styling to massage therapy to surgical consultations. But beauty is more than skin deep at Lofty. This warm-hearted spa has a whole host of wellness services designed to help clients feel happy and healthy, including personal trainers, yoga classes, belly dancing, and life-coach consultations. The hand-holding is free.



    Mona Harb: My name is Mona, I am with Lofty Salon. I am showing you tips on how to blow-dry your hair. We've already dried her hair upside down, till about 80% dry. A very important thing to do is remember to make sure that the hair is nice and cold before you flip your head back to start using your brushes. And now, it is, so we will tilt the head back, and start with the styling. You take your favorite brush and remember, you have to take two sections, on top, one on each side and a couple in the back and this is for fine hair because the less you brush, the more volume you are going to have. So we will start with the first section. When you take your first section, you roll it on the brush and you put the heat from the back of the brush because when you do what you do, you create volume and fullness by doing that, where, if you put it in the front, you might pluck the hair and you seat on the brush until the hair is dry. And when the hair is dry, you put your blow-dryer down and you roll it and you get it out of your way, on a Velcro roller. To achieve volume on top, we have to take a couple of sections on top.

    We are going to leave her bangs down, because obviously we want to do something different with the bangs. We take the first section and we dried it and then we rolled it on a Velcro roller and we put a pin in it to secure it. Now, we take the other section and we do the same thing. You put the heat from the back of the brush, so we can achieve the volume, make sure the hair is pulled straight up and remember whenever you put the heat on the brush and the hair its going to do what you want it to do.

    So, you have to make sure that you are taking it in the right direction. You unroll the brush, and then you put your Velcro roller in and then you secure it again with another pin. You take your third section, which is on the side and it is a big section yes, but you are trying to achieve volume, therefore you dont want to put too much -- you dont want to take smaller sections, because then your hair will be flat and then put the heat up, under the brush always and then you put your blow-dryer down, you unroll the hair and you put another Velcro roller down and you let it sit on the base.

    It is sitting on the base and you take your third section and you lift the hair all the way up and you roll it again on the brush and you put the heat underneath, you unroll it and you put your Velcro roller. The reason why we like to use Velcro rollers is it sets the curl in, while the hair is cooling off. And you take your big section in the back and always brush up and you brush it up and you put that heat. That's going to set the hair, to give you the volume that you are looking for.

    And you notice that you always have to put the brush down, because you are working with two hands, I mean actually with one because, one you are holding the blow-dryer and the other one, you are holding the brush. Its easier for a professional to style your hair because they are working with both hands and they are not looking in the mirror because when you are looking in the mirror and you are trying to do something, you see it kind of funny.

    So, feel for it much more than relying on what it looks like. It has to be directly up, from the scalp, and remember, always to use low heat, to give you control. Now, we are going to move on to the final step in styling our hair.