Hair Styling – Styling Naturally Curly Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mona Harb, owner of Lofty Salon, suggests solutions for styling hair with natural curls.

    Mona Harb

    Owner Mona Harb has partnered with the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute, to create a medi-spa/salon that provides everything from hair styling to massage therapy to surgical consultations. But beauty is more than skin deep at Lofty. This warm-hearted spa has a whole host of wellness services designed to help clients feel happy and healthy, including personal trainers, yoga classes, belly dancing, and life-coach consultations. The hand-holding is free.



    Hi, my name is Mona, I am with Lofty Salon and I am showing you the final, how to style your hair to achieve less volume and less frizzy for naturally curly hair.

    Now we have dried her hair and we have finished, the only thing we need to do as a final touch is use a little bit of a serum and that will help the hair. Using the serum after youve blow dried your hair will prevent the moisture from going in and frizzing the hair again. So, you use just a little bit of serum at the end and Voila! This is how you dry naturally curly hair and thick course frizzy hair.

    Thank you.