Hair Twist – Finishing the Hairline and Styling

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair stylist Pam Ferrell, owner of Cornrows & Co. Natural Hair Care, demonstrates how to do a twist style on natural hair including how to finish the hairline and complete the look.

    Pamela Ferrell: Hi, I am Pamela Ferrell with Cornrows & Co. Natural Hair Care. Today, I am showing you how to do a twist style on natural hair. We've finished the flat twist and we have finished individual twist. Now in this segment, I am going to show you how to do individual twist to finish the hairline.

    So again, you see that we've sectioned out a nice thin section. I want to make the twist, kind of, flow to this side. With this, you can either use your finger or you can use a clip, whatever you feel comfortable with. This is going to have a slight, flat twist motion, but it's very slight. Basically, the difference is the individual twist we did inside, they have no base, and this individual twist has base. A base simply means the direction that the twist will flow. I am using my pinky finger to part. With this, we are keeping one hand on the scalp and the other one we are going to just twist, just a few stitches, and then it comes off as an individual twist.

    Another reason I would like to section off this front hairline, let's say, after a day or two it feels frizzy to you; and it may not in most cases; but if it does, then you only have about six individual twist that you can freshen up on the hairline. But generally, if you tie the hair at night, then your hair style is not going to frizz and it will really last for a week, from shampoo to shampoo.

    So what I've done is I've just taken a nice banana clip and contained it all in together, and then just let those ends really do their thing. I've taken her front, which again we flat twisted just a tat to give it a little bit of movement. As you see, it kind of works into that Mohawk. I like it, I think it's really fresh and organic.

    Now what I am going to do is I am going to tame down her Mohawk and we're going to make it a nice conservative go-to-work hair style. So we will loop this and we're going to use another comb, you really don't even have to use hair pins, that's really totally up to you. The trick to really getting this hair to move and lay down is to gently place it, you don't want to force anything, you gently place it, it will work with you. Now I am going to take this comb and I am really going to just put it in, this roll here, just gently push it through and hold it.

    Of course, on the front you have a lot of options, you can curl this and make it very curly, you can have some of them hang. What we're going to do today is we're just blend it in, since it has really nice movement. At night, what you can do is take one roller, like this, and just softly take this whole cluster, twist, wrap it on that roller and that will give it a slight curl. So that it will be a little more prominent. That's a nice conservative roll that she can wear to work or you can actually dress this up and this could be a nice evening hair style. There you have it, flat twists on natural hair.