Hair Twist – Sectioning the Hair for the Twist

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair stylist Pam Ferrell, owner of Cornrows & Co. Natural Hair Care, demonstrates how to do a twist style on natural hair including how to section the hair for the twist.

    Pamela Ferrell: Hi, I am Pamela Ferrell with Cornrows & Co. Natural Hair Care. Today, I am going to show you how to do a twist on natural hair. In this segment, I am going to show you how to section for the natural style.

    Now, of course, if you are doing this on yourself or if you are doing it for someone else, you move the hair and give an idea of how you want that hair to fall. That's called planning your hair style because you might twist it and you twist it to the right and then you say, You know what, I should have did it to the left. So that's why we want to plan. We want everything to fall the way we want it.

    We are going to create a twist style using individual twist and flat twist. Flat twist are like the cornrow where they lay on the scalp. The only difference is you use two pieces rather than three. I think what we are going to do, we are going to do something that's pretty, I will call it a nice working ladies hair style, but you can also transform it into a sophisticated Mohawk, if we need to.

    So this is the idea, we want to bring the hair into the center, which is what you do for Mohawk, but yet, you can also do a soft pin-up roll fork. Then we are going to make some of the front hair fall to the face with a little bit of height and a little volume. So this is where we have our rat tail comb, which is a long end comb and small teeth, and we want to just section this down to middle. Now that's, of course, if you want everything to come together to the middle. If you want it to lay to the side, then, of course, you make your main parting to the side. Then you can bring the hair together to this side. So I think we will keep it just a little offset, we are not going to make it so perfect.

    So that's our main parting. Then we are going to section out the front, where we will do our individual twist. We will just section out a nice V section in the front. Again, we are going to twist this out of the way, I will just tuck that in. So where would you begin? Well, I would like to start in the back and give it it's direction. This is a hair style, if you are doing it on someone, then you would have them to hold their head down, which I will have her do in just a minute. If you are going to attempt to do this on yourself, then, of course, you would hold your head down and work from the back. Generally, if you are doing a style on yourself, you don't want to look in the mirror because the mirror will throw you off, because it gives you an opposite impression of what you are doing. So it's all in the fingers and it's all about feeling, what you are going to do. That's our first section. We are going to do a relatively thin section, but we are going to keep the twist loose. So they will be soft and they will have a little volume to them. This is where your clips come in handy because they will hold the hair out of the way. A nice thing with natural hair in most cases unless your hair is softer or straighter and doesn't stay in place, is that you can pretty much comb it and it will stay there. Now we have sectioned the hair, we have combed it in a direction that we want the style to ultimately finish in, and we have parted it and we have created our first section for a flat twist. Next, we are going to learn how to flat twist the hair.