Hairstyle – Easy Bun

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hairstylist Ali Barrett demonstrates how to create an easy bun hairstyle.

    Allie Barett: Hi I am Ellie Barrett, I am going to show you today how you can style your hair in a sleek bun. First you can either do an A line parting which is kind of a slanted part or if you prefer straight back you can do that as well. You are going to take from the end of the parting to the back of the ear; section that out. This is section one, using a clip, clip that out of the way, keeps it easier to separate it. Just like on the first side, from the end of where the parting is, to the back of the ear, this is section two.

    We are going to use a natural bristle brush, keep smoothing section three using an aerosol dry hair spray. You want to use the air flow of the hair spray in the direction that you are going to be brushing the hair, to keep down all the fly aways. Using rubber band fasten the ponytail beneath. Now we are on to section two, first aerosol hair spray, and spray the way you are brushing. After you smooth it out you are just going to keep pulling the hair back towards the nape of the head.

    Taking a bobby pin fasten section two under the ponytail keeping it nice and smooth. You want to kind of hide it underneath of the ponytail. Youre going to be doing the same thing to section one smoothing back, fastening under the ponytail and securing with bobby pin. To ensure a tight secure ponytail you are going to crisscross the boby pins in the back, and that just ensures that they are nice and locked in there. Using our hair-nets, place over the top of the ponytail; secure all the hair within the net. Taking the hair twisting, twisting the ponytail, when you have sectioned the hairs if you have more of the hair on this side you are going to want to take the hair and twist it around that way and that will keep it nice and smooth.

    And using hair pins in between the smooth part of the hair and the bun you are going to pin as you twisting around. You want it tight enough, but its not going to fall out, but not so tight that you are sticking bobby pins in your scalp and you have headache. You are going to continue placing bobby pins in between the hair and the bun; as you smoothing down the comb you will also need to use hair spray, if there is any places sticking out or flyaway or anything like that, but continue placing bobby pins around until you have secured your bun. Now to finish off the look using a wet pump hair spray smooth with your finger, wait till the hair spray dries and were finished.