Hairstyles – Create Rihanna Style Curls

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to create Rihanna style curls for your hair.

    Angela Smith: Hello, my name is Angela Smith and this is Karla, my model. I am going to show you today how to achieve Rihanna's hair and makeup. But first we are going to start with Rihanna's hairstyle. We are going to show you how to do celebrity curls that she often wears. First you will need a comb, a basic comb. You need a flat iron of one inch, you will also need maybe about two clips just to hold the hair and you need a oil. If you are not African-American you may need some gloss. Just a little, a few drops will suffice for the beginning for the prep and you just get it all the way through the hair, like so. I am going to show you how to section. About two inches away you are going to section, every section. You are going to start at the bottom and twist the rest up with a clip, so it doesn't interfere when you are curling the bottom portion. My flat iron is already preheated, so what I am going to do is take that hair in that section and comb it out really nice and neatly and I am going to go ahead and place the flat iron as close as I can to her scalp without actually touching the scalp because you don't want to burn yourself and be mindful of the ear. So as you see I pull the ear down and then I place my flat iron. I am twisting the flat iron and bringing it down. That creates a curl. Grabbing another section, not too close to the scalp and I am twisting and bringing it down and as you can tell you have celebrity curls. As the hair gets longer, you can see your curls comes out a little bit more. Not too close and twist from the very top and bring it down. You are going to want to continue to do this process all the way around the head and when we come back I will show you the rest of the process. Now that we have completed Karla's hair, we have completed the celebrity curls all way around Karla's hair and the next step is to style. So we will show you how to style your hair like Rihanna when we come back.