Half-Up Retro Holiday Hairstyle

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Create a sexy, retro-inspired half-up hairstyle that’s perfect for holiday parties or anytime you want a look with some va-va-voom this season. Just a bit of teasing and some basic hairpins and you can easily achieve this look.

    Reagan Baker: In my opinion the 1960s have some serious hair mojo. In this tutorial I'll show you a retro style for all your holiday hair needs.

    The first step in almost every 1960s look is to tease the crowd. I like to take the first section about an inch behind my hairline and you just back comb. Really get in there for a good hold and you just take the next section right behind that and continue to back comb each section. Keep doing it like it's your job.

    Now you're just going to smooth it out and shape it a little bit. I like to use the tail of the comb. Next we are just going to take a section on either side of your head and cross it over to your other side.

    Once you're about three quarters of the way around your head, you're just going to secure with the bobby pin. Try to hide the bobby pin by sliding it underneath your hair.

    Next I'll just use a little hair spray to secure your style.