Halloween Party – Games

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Party planner Paula Ross discusses some games for the kids at your Halloween party.

    Paula Ross

    Andy and Paula Ross are the founders of Andy’s Parties, a full-service theme party and enrichment company. Andy’s Parties has run well over 1,000 parties in its first 3 years of operation – everything from Pirate Parties to Princess parties, Superhero and Spa parties. Andrew Ross (Guy in the Monkey Suit) is an entrepreneur with substantial experience with small businesses. After graduating with a degree in business from the Wharton Business School, he spent seven years in the private equity and consulting industries, helping grow many businesses. However, since he graduated from high school, Andy has longed for his previous years as a camp counselor and child's party planner and entertainer. He has leveraged his business knowledge and experience with kids to start Andy's Parties! Andy is primarily responsible for the Andy's Parties Franchising initiative and with growing the corporate locations. Paula Ross (Chief Creative Officer) is primarily in charge of developing new theme parties and enrichment programming. As part of her experience as a communications consultant to corporate clients, she has many years of planning and facilitation experience for social and business events - from huge company holiday gatherings to smaller and mid-sized town hall meetings and open houses in communities where her clients are doing business. Paula is also our Custom Event Specialist and can help you plan weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, Sweet 16 parties, anniversary and retirement parties, as well as corporate and charity events! Please call her for information about our Custom Event Planning Services.

    Paula Ross: Hi! I am Paula from Andys Parties. Today we are showing you how to throw a great Halloween party for your kids and their friends at your house. So, right now we are going to talk about some games that you can get the kids involved with at your Halloween party. You might wonder why I have a roll of toilet paper here. Well, this happens to be one of the most fun party games for kids at Halloween called the Mummy Wrap. You divide the kids into pairs, give each pair a roll of toilet paper and tell them to wrap each other up to make themselves look like mummies. The toilet paper is going to rip and tear off them and they are going to have a hard time doing it but it is lot of fun and then whoever gets their partner wrapped up first you can give a little prize too if you want like a sticker or thing like that. This is great for all ages, all ages from 2-10 really get into that. Another game you can do especially if you are kids are 4-5 or older is a Pumpkin Drawing Race and you can put up on the wall several outlines of a Jack-o-lantern, just something simple like that will do and then blindfold the kids, put them each in front of one of these that you have taped to the wall and tell them they have to draw on the face of a Jack-o-lantern. More than likely it is going to end up looking very misplaced probably like this or maybe even more misplaced than this with maybe an eye over here or down here and it will come out looking very goofy and your kids are going to get a real big kick out of that. Those are some of the games that we like to play especially for the little kids. You can also do some basic music game, you can play Halloween scary, creepy music in the background and you can play it for your dance or you can send them on a scavenger hunt looking for different items while you play some Halloween music in the background.