Halloween Treats – How to Make Eyeball Bites

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Amy Bevins demonstrates how to make Halloween treats, including eyeball bites.

    Amy Bevins

    Amy Carney Bevins is a writer, an editor for FAMILY Magazine, an educator and a veteran mom with over 110,000 hours of on the job experience. Amy has published numerous articles on topics ranging from cooking and travel to health issues and toys, as well as several humorous and thought-provoking essays about parenthood. She is a regular contributor to FAMILY Magazine. She has also recently completed several children’s books. For the commercial sector, Amy writes website content, advertisements, flyers, press releases, newsletter columns and advertorials. She edits board of director letters, publisher columns, advertisements, flyers, newsletter columns and website content. Amy received a BS and an MA in Special Education from the University of Connecticut. She began her teaching career at the League School in Brooklyn, New York. At this day treatment center, she taught students with severe emotional and learning disabilities. She next worked at Southwestern Oregon Community College in Coos Bay, Oregon. Here she worked as part of a grant funded team to develop and implement a one year certificate program for Educational Assistants with links to two and four year degrees. This program was also part of a statewide collaboration, incorporating cutting edge technology to provide educational opportunities to students in remote parts of the state. Amy worked briefly as a student teaching Practicum Supervisor at the University of Illinois. Her current job as an editor for FAMILY Magazine (www.thefamilymagazine.com) allows her to combine her love of writing and language with her interest in parenting.

    Amy Bevins: Hi! I am Amy Bevins, I am a writer, an educator, and I am also a mom. Today, we are making creepy, tasty Halloween treats. Right now, we are going to be making Eyeball Bites. Kids love it when things are gruesomely named and not only is this treat nutritious, but with a really creepy name like Eyeball Bites, they are really going to enjoy eating their vegetables while they have Halloween fun. This is a really simple three-ingredient recipe. All you going to need are some vegetables of your choice. Today I have cucumber, and I prefer the English cucumber for this one because it doesn t have any seeds, carrot, and also cherry tomatoes for a lot of nice different colors, you are also going to use cream cheese and black olives.

    So, let s get started making this one. I have already pre-washed the vegetable and I pre-peeled the carrots that is something you are going to want to take care of before you do it; make sure everything is nice and clean. You are just going to cut your cucumber into some bite sized slices, nice and thick, so they can really enjoy it. Next, you are going to take the carrot and cut that into some nice big slices and last your cherry tomatoes, they can be a little tricky to cut, so you are going to want to start with a little bit of slice into it, and then give it a nice slice in half, just like this. One thing that I found working with vegetable is lot of times they can be wet and the next ingredient that you put on doesn t stick too well, cucumbers especially have a lot of moisture in them, so while you are dealing with them just take a minute to dry them with a paper towel and then the cream cheese is going to stick a lot better and not slide off. You might give the cherry tomatoes a dab while you add it but they are pretty moist and not going to stay that way.

    So, we got our vegetable sliced and we are ready to move on to the next step, which is very simple. You are going to take some cream cheese that is already at room temperature or kind of soft so that you can work with it. You are just going to take a little dab, about a half-a-teaspoon, you are going to put it right in the center of each eyeball. This is a great activity for kids, you might want to do, if you are grown up you might want to do the slicing and the sharp knife part for them, but once you have finished the sharp knife then you can get onto letting them have some fun and making their treat all on their own. I found as a mom that kids are much more likely to eat their vegetables if they had a chance to help prepare and help choose them. You might also think about some other vegetables that would be funny, and I think red peppers or mushrooms might be a lot of fun, you can have fun with different colors on what kind of eyeballs you are creating for each creature and what makes them think of spooky Halloween treats.

    So, once you have cream cheese on all your eyeballs, the next thing you are going to do, is just take some black olives that I have already opened up the can and drained, just some simple sliced black olives and you are going to put one on each one just to make an eyeball right in the center, make somewhat really gruelish. You might also think of doing some things that maybe sprinkling on a little paprika, to give it a little bit of color to it or maybe some parsley, but once you had a chance to get eyeballs on each one, then you just move them over to the plate and arrange them in pairs so that you have a whole plate full of Halloween eyeballs looking at you, and with them being a nutritious treat that is something great to offer the kids at Halloween and when they are eating all of those other snacks and candies, this is something that still is gruesome and attractive to the kids but it meets your mom s requirements for being healthy and fun. Next, we are going to be making Witch s Fingers, which are another fun Halloween treat that you can enjoy with your kids.