Halloween’s Spookiest Snack

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Amy Bevins, an expert from FAMILY Magazine creates a creepy and delicious Halloween treat using hot dogs and ketchup.

    Amy Bevins: Today, we are making spooky, creepy bloody worms. I found that with kids the more gruesome and icky the name sounds the more they dive right in and enjoy it. One of the best things about this treat is not only that it's easy to make, you make it with things that most moms already have on hand; hot dogs, ketchup and water. To get started, the first thing you want to do is fill a pot with boiling water and put it on the stove while you are prepping your hot dogs. The next thing you are going to do is take a hot dog and you are going to slice it length wise. Once you have it sliced in half, you are going to cut it into strips. You can make it with regular hot dogs, tricky hot dogs; fat free hot dogs if that's your preference, just make it a little bit healthier for the kids. So now we are going to take our hot dogs and we are going to put the hot dogs strips in the pot of boiling water and it's really neat to watch them as they start to cook, they kind of curl. They need to cook about two to five minutes depending on how thick they are and the longer they cook the more they will being to curl into nice wiggly worm like pieces. After they have cooked, you can either drain them or you can just use your tongs and put them in a bowl and we are going to get this bowl nice and full so we have got lots of hungry kids who like to eat worms. And then as you are serving them, you kind of want to have drape them over the edge of the bowl to really give it that worm like look and ketchup is a perfect blood for our worms. Every kid loves hot dogs and ketchup. You might want to serve a little bit on the side for them to dip into. Then you are just going to want to take your ketchup and drizzle it over the worm so it looks like they are covered with blood and I can guarantee every kid is going to want to dive in and have some bloody worms for a Halloween treat.