Ham and Cheese Omelet

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Food Stylist Stephanie Rose demonstrates how to make a ham and cheese omelet.

    Stephanie Rose: Hi, I am Stephanie Rose with Stephanie Rose Food Stylings. We are here today making awesome omelets. Now, the first thing about making an omelet obviously, well, maybe not obviously, is a fresh egg. You need to have fresh eggs. So there is a trick actually for telling if an egg is fresh without breaking it. So what I have over here is just a bowl of water. Now if the egg is not fresh, it will float. If it's really fresh, it's going to lie a little bit on its side because there is an air-pocket in there. As you can see, my eggs are not floating and they are lying on their side. If it's only semi-fresh, they go up. They don't float up to the top, but they go up.

    So, cool trick. Alright, so let's get started. I have already cracked two eggs and I am going to add one more and we are going to make our egg mixture for our yummy omelet. So I have got three large eggs, I am going to beat that up, put a little pinch of pepper and little bit of salt to taste and then we are going to add a little bit of milk or cream or water if you are watching your weight like I always am. I am going to mix this up nice and then I am going to put that aside. So our egg mixture is all ready, which is fabulous. Now we can move on to our fillings. Now the first filling is well, it's ham and cheese. So we have got some wonderful Black Forest ham which I have already sliced in slivers and a Black Forest is lovely because it has got a smoky flavor. This are just two slices from the belly section. So, now you don't have to buy a whole ham. Just get a couple of slices and slice it up. We are using Jarlsberg and it's a semi-soft cheese and it's from Norway and it's very lovely. Now I like the spiciness of a fresh onion. So and you don't need very much. So I buy small onions which is what I have here and I am just going to cut off a little bit here and that's probably even too much. Now be very careful with sharp knives. You don't want to cut yourself and you want them nice and thin. You don't need very much at all because they are strong and you don't want it to overpower the delicate, creamy cheese. So that's about maybe, I don't know, a tablespoon and a half. That should be plenty. Now, it looks like we have all of our fillings ready, our egg mixture, so we can start cooking. Now, let's start out with a medium heat, till it gets warm, we are going to add our butter. So I am going to mix up my batter just a little bit more. When my pan gets hotter and then we dump it all in all at once. See, this is great because it has got a little bevel there and it can actually lift up as you can see. It is starting to cook there. So I am going to lift that up and try to get more of the egg mixture underneath. Be very gentle. Now, I start adding my filling when it's still a little runny and I plat it out now and I am going to start adding some cheese. I like it really cheesy. So I am adding at least three or four tablespoons, I sprinkle in my onions, yum, yum, yum. You see that, I am not even using them all. You don't need a lot of onion and actually, this is two ounces of ham and I think that's probably even more than enough, so like one-and-a-half ounce of ham. See, that looks all good. It's not too stiff. I am going to start turning this baby. There we go. Now this is the French fold. They like to fold it three times. Now this one I think it's appropriate. So I am going to let it cook a little bit more. It will continue cooking even when it's in the plate and you can our cheese is melting a little bit, there we go. Now, I think it's ready. It looks good enough to eat. It's a wonderful omelet. It's actually one of my favorites because I almost always have a Jarlsberg in my refrigerator and it's just a wonderful, creamy textured cheese and of course, I am dying to have a bite of this right now and I want everybody else to see. We have got a little bit of ham and it's a really hearty meal. I mean, you can have this for breakfast or you can have it for dinner. I am going to taste it. The next wonderful, awesome omelet we are going to make is the Hijole Caramba one with the Pepper Jack cheese and some fresh salsa.