Ham Pot Pie with Georgia Pecan Crust (Part 2)

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Holly Clegg demonstrates how to make Ham Pot Pie with Georgia Pecan Crust.

    Holly Clegg: Hi! I'm Holly Clegg, we're making our healthy, comfort food and we're going to finish our Ham Pot pie with Georgia Pecan Crust. Okay, now we're going to put our filling into a baking dish, you could use any sort of round pie dish, pie racks dish, anything that goes into oven and you know what's sometimes is fun, you can get little ramekins and make little individual Pot pies. And see how nicely it thickened up, this smell good. This is definitely a kid friendly dish, now we'll start with our crust and I have used reduced fat crescent roll because they are little lower in fat but if you have pastry crust hanging around that's fine as well. We're going to undo them.

    Now, I have a crescent rolls in a square and we're just going to roll that out a little bit and you almost could do this with your hands, it's so easy and don't even get caught up in it. Now, we're going to put our wonderful Georgia Pecan. Did you know that Georgia is the number 1 state with producing Pecans and guess what November is Georgia Pecan month?

    So, this is just a perfect topping, I think it adds that wholesome rich flavor, gives a little pizzazz to the topping and then we're going to take our other two rolls and don't worry if they fall apart, its all going to get together. In fact I'm going to make them fall apart to do what I want them to do and this is what, you want to sort of just roll this in, sort of mash or really you could just mash it in, whatever and let them go. So, they are sort of hidden inside, well here we go, look at it and they get just a little toasty which I think enhances the flavor and pecans also add a best of nutrition to it as well, then we're just going lay this on top and if you have a circle, roll it accordingly, don't want to loose any of these pecans. We're going to put it in a pre-heated oven at 375 and bake it for about 30minutes. Smells so good and this is really a wonderful one dish meal that is so good for the family but you know what I like about it best, if you have left over turkey, ham or even chicken throw it in and you have meal the next day.

    So, the proof is in the tasting. Remember when you eat trim and terrific, you stay trim and terrific.