Handheld HD Camcorders – Canon Vixia HFS200 (Premium)

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Electronics expert Jody Vining explains the different types of handheld HD camcorders on the market today, including the Canon Vixia HFS200.

    Jody Vining: Hi! I'm Jody Vining from www.


    com. We're taking a look at some of the hottest video cameras that are on the market today. One of which is the Canon Vixia HF S200, and this is it right here. It is a fantastic video camera. It's going to cost a little more than a lot of the handheld cameras that are on the market, but it's still not going to break the bank and it's going to bring you some of the best picture quality that you can find in a handheld on the market today. It's full 1920 1080 HD resolution. It has a gorgeous three-and-a-half inch touch display on the side here. What that's going to allow you to do is make manual controls much easier. You can set your metering; you can set your focus point, simply by touching the screen. It also makes navigating the menu system much, much easier by simply tapping the button right here. You can get to a touch sensitive menu, where you can then set up all of your manual settings without having to deal with a whole bunch of buttons.

    You're also going to be able to get surround sound with the multi-channel microphone that's built-in. It even has a built-in camera light for situations when you're really close to somebody. Now, if you want, it does also have a hot shoe as well, so you're going to be able to attach standard accessories to with the Canon HF S200 as well. This camera is all about manual control. If you take a look at the front, you'll actually see this wheel right here. This wheel is going to allow you to make fine adjustments to gain, to zoom, to focus right there where your finger is naturally. This is a really, really great video camera. It tries to straddle the line between a camera that a pro would use, and a camera that's just a regular home user would use.

    The camera also has a pair of SD card slots. You're going to be able to add your own SD cards to this camera. So let's say you have two eight gig cards. You'll be able to record 16 gigs of video on this camera. All of your I/O is located right down here where you're going to find your microphone and headphone ports, as well as an analog video output. It also has an HDMI output as well, which is going to allow you to hook up to your big screen HDTV. All in all, this camera is where the value is when it comes to really, really great quality while still not spinning an absolute ton of money. It is also very, very portable. It's not very big for a camera with tons of really, really great features. So if you want to be able to preserve all of your memories with extraordinary quality, not spin too much money and still end up with a really, really nice video camera. The Vixia series from Canon is where it's at. This one specifically is the Vixia HF S200.