Handwriting Movement

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Handwriting instructor Nan Jay Barchowsky demonstrates handwriting movement.

    Nan J. Barchowsky: Hi, I am Nan J. Barchowsky, a hand writing specialist. I am here to help you with your hand writing. Mostly I am trying to help you to understand whats happened with your handwriting in this particular segment. Most of us in United States learn a print script first, something like this, the letters start at the top and they go around and they end rather abruptly on base line. Ending abruptly is not really a good thing for hand writing because what you are after is a nice flow, so that you will have legible handwriting that is also rapid. So children learn to start at the top of the letter and come down and they move from left to right. After that habit is firmly established they are introduced to conventional cursive. I call it conventional cursive because it is the sort of cursive that is fairly common throughout all of the western world. I am going to address the print script first. Many people use there own print script and just let it evolve quite naturally by letting some letters joined up and they come up with their own version of cursive and by cursive I mean letters that will flow, flow from one to another, rather than being slowly drawn. So with a print script what you can do is just add those little exit strokes and with those exit strokes and a little bit more of a relaxed movement you get something that looks like this when you are writing.

    So now, we are going to move on and discuss how you can help your hadnwriting, specifically conventional cursive if thats your preferred way to write.