Hang Gliding – Aerotow Tandem Flight

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional hang gliding instructor Dan Zink from Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding teaches you about the aerotow tandem flight.

    Dan Zink: Hi! My name is Dan Zink. I am advanced instructor with Lookout Mountain Hand Gliding. Today we are learning the basics of Hand Gliding. The next thing, we are going to learn is Aerotowing, where the student is trapped in next to the instructor, which is a better way for students to get into the air. Aerotowing is where you get pulled into the air behind a plane. It's as simple as that. Just get pulled like a water skier, and you can up to 2000 feet, or 4000 feet, or 6000 feet. It's a little better for students because you can just roll-off on these wheels and it seems very gentle because you start off right next to the ground, you don't start it off from this big scary cliff, 1300 feet in the air. So, it makes more of a friendlier, more relaxed flight where they can learn more. You all set?

    Male speaker: Yeah.

    Dan Zink: Let's go up to the top, here we go. What do you think? Keep your eyes up forward, here we go. We are flying Bob, you like it?

    Male speaker: Yeah.

    Dan Zink: What do you think?

    Male speaker: It's pretty awesome.

    Dan Zink: You better believe it buddy, you better believe it. Now Aerotowing has been around for about 15 years and we have over 10,000 perfectly safe tandem aerotows, we have never had an broken finger nail off the tandem aerotow with a certified instructor. Now that's what aerotowing is all about, let's actually go fly and then teach you how to fly a hand glider at 2000 feet.