Hang Gliding – Flying

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional hang gliding instructor Dan Zink from Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding teaches you how to fly with a hang glider.

    Dan Zink: Hi! My name is Dan Zink. I'm an Advanced Instructor with Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding. Today we're learning the basics of Hang Gliding, and the next step is to practice how to fly a hang glider at 2000 feet.

    Okay, when you see us flying, remember, we're really not working hard at all, we're just letting the glider fly. Remember, the glider knows how to fly on its own, it doesn't need a bunch of strength and manhandling, light fingertips, we call it fingertip flying.

    Alright, if you see the glider, go left, it means we pull our weight over to the left. We've shifted our weight to the left, and this is Weight Shift which means the glider drops its left wing and boom, off it goes to the left. If you want to go right, shift your weight to the right, right wing dips, off it goes to the right.

    Remember how to fly faster, pull the bar in towards yourself, that will dip the nose down, faster it will go. If you want to slow down, just let it come back out, it will come all the way back out to a neutral position, which is what we call Trim. That's when you're flying at Trim speed.

    This particular glider flies about 19 miles an hour at trim speed. That'll be just fine for us if we want to fly faster, pull in little bit.

    So, we just practiced how to turn right, let's practice real quick how to turn left. Look left, do a small bump to your left, pull those hips over, you got it! That's enough, relax, relax. Now let's go back to the right. Look right, pull your hips over to the right. Perfect man! That's exactly how you do it.

    Go ahead little more, get your hips over, not just your shoulders, get your hips over, move my hips, that's it, that did it, now relax again. See, once you get it started, you just relax, okay?

    Let's do some speed controls now. You remember how to fly little faster?

    Male Speaker: Bring it in?

    Dan Zink: Yeah just about a half an inch. Good! Now let it back to neutral, cool! Now let's straighten up a little bit on that tractor over there, pull your hips to the left a little.

    Male Speaker: I don't see the tractor.

    Dan Zink: You did it, you did it, doesn't matter. Okay, relax your hands. Let me see a pull in half an inch, now another inch, keep going, keep going, pull in some more, pull in some more. You feel the speed pick up?

    Male Speaker: Yeah.

    Dan Zink: Pull in some more, excellent! Now slowly, slowly, ease back out, great, great! Let's do a turn to the right. Look right, and pull to the right. That's so nice, our shadow right down over there.

    That's how you fly the Hang Glider. Next, we're going to learn how to land.