Hanging Border on the Ceiling

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional paperhanger Jim Tiner demonstrates how to hang wallpaper borders on the ceiling.

    Jim Tiner: Hi, I am Jim Tiner, professional paper hanger. Today we are hanging wallpaper borders. Right now we are going to hang border on the ceiling. Hanging border on the ceiling is a little more difficult but its not any different than hanging it on the wall or around that door that we did a little while ago. Why would we hang it on the ceiling? Well, it is different, to give your ceiling depth and the only ceilings that I would recommend that you do would be the bathroom ceiling or small hallway, something like that and lets get going and see how it looks.

    Remember, let's place the same way, you are following right along your ceiling and when you come to the corner, its trimmed the same way. You can see how it's adjustable, its not any different. Cut it the same way you would at the top or bottom of any wall. You continue it with our next piece, out of that inside corner in the same way we have done our wallpaper. Make sure your pattern is going in the same direction that everything looks the same. Position it, make sure youve gone past that inside corner and gently place it there. Smooth it out. This is really nothing more than hanging it around the door, but you are hanging around the ceiling. You are going to do a same thing, we are going to use a straight edge to cut from that inside corner and miter it so that it looks good. Place your straight edge right in the corner pointing toward where you need the cut right to the spot where the border intersects. If you dont cut where the border intersects you are going to have uneven this here. You see we have a nice square inside corner, a nice square outside corner and again take out the bottom, put it back and you can see that it doesn't match again it doesn't, you will never match inside there. It will just look -- it doesn't really bring any attention to it but it is the only way we can do it and get it up there properly.

    So that's our ceiling and you can see that it gives the ceiling a little depth, a little height and that's what we are looking to do. Now next I am going to be showing you how to mirror your wallpaper that's already up.