Hanging the Grapevine Garland

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Interior designer Joe Waroquier demonstrates how to install a garland on to the ceiling.

    Hi, I am Joe with Sage. Today I am showing you how to transform a basic screened in porch into a comfortable outdoor living space with a great ceiling, lighting fixture. We are into the process now of installing our garland on to the ceiling. To install a garland, we need to install hooks, to fasten the garland on to the ceiling. The best way to do it is by fastening these hooks the 12 gauge hooks, into the ceiling by accessing a little access hole with a basic hammer and nail to get us started. You want to make sure that your screw is well-fastened to the ceiling, so that it can withstand the weight of the garland and the other elements that we are installing. Also to help fasten the garland on to the hook, I like to secure with basic 16 gauge floral wire that you can pick up at your Hardware Store or Floral Store. To make your process a little bit easier, you might want to have on hand a pair of scissors. A basic pair of garden or floral scissors will do the job. It will also let you cut down your wire or your garland to the dimension sizes that you need. So, now, let's hang the garland. As you unwind your garland dont be afraid as it flakes apart. As they are sticks and they are dry, it's going to make a bit of a mess. So you want to just keep the debris clear of your ladder when you are hanging and see that you dont trip over it. You want to pull your garland apart and dont be afraid to make it a little bit more texturised with volume so, that you have a little bit more oomph, up on the ceiling. So, now, let's follow me up the ladder and let me show you how I fasten this garland on to the ceiling. So, when you are installing the garland you want to make sure that your hook is well-fastened into the ceiling. As you can see here, I have pre-installed the hook, the ivy, the garland and the wire, what we are doing here is putting the hook into the ceiling, wrapping the garland where the garland meets the hook with the floral wire and then wrapping the wire around the hook. Altogether we created a nice strong hold, so you can see for any incident or winds or what not, or tugging by small children, the garland is not going to fall down without a little bit of a battle by the hook. Alright, so, now that we have our hooks, our garland and our wire all in place, let's start having a little fun. Let's put the ivy up.