Hanging Tips for Artwork, Pictures and Paintings

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Interior decorator Sherry Tyra discusses her top tips for hanging artwork, pictures, and paintings.

    Sherry Tyra: Hi! Sherry Tyra. Welcome to my monkeysee.

    com video on low-cost artwork. Now, that you have made this great artwork for yourself, you have looked for a wonderful inspiration, have everything framed and ready to go, I am going to show you some tips on hanging it on your walls and some easy way to do so. I know a lot of people struggle with that, so, I have some great tips for you here. You want to hang two pieces or more of artwork and this especially works great for a collection, a collage of artwork. It is hard to figure out exactly where to put it out on the wall. So one of the tips I use is take color paper and what you do is you take your frame, this is the color paper that I got at a craft store, it is about a dollar a sheet, very inexpensive, if your artwork is small enough, you can use color taping paper, any kind of craft paper, construction paper will work, something that is kind of thin though, because you want to be able to feel the other side. Poster board does not work really well, because it is little too thick.

    Take your frame, place it on the paper and just trace around the frame and then you use your scissors, you cut that out, so you end up with a piece of paper, the same size as the frame. Now, what I do is I turn this over and I set it on top of the frame and you will see that my little hook is right here where my hook is going to indent into this, it is going to attach to this frame. So what you do is you take your paper, you place it on here and then you feel for where that little hook is. Sometimes it helps to take your tape and anchor the paper, so that it is not sliding around while you are trying to do this and you know that you have it on your frame exactly perfect. So, let us get this set here and then I am going to feel around and I can find that spot. In fact if you push on it a little bit, it will make it indent in the paper and you can actually see the outline of that hanger. What you are going to do is where the hook is going to catch in there, you are just going to put a little hole in the paper.

    So, that should work out just perfectly; it should be right where you need it to be. It is one done, let's do the second one and each frame might be just a hair different, so you want to use the paper on each frame that you are going to use. A lot of experts say to take, if you are going to do a grouping of pictures, to lay them out on the floor, on a great big piece of paper; trace around, getting exactly the way you want them to look on the wall and then trace around the frame and then put that up, that great big piece of paper on the wall, so that you know exactly where your frames are going to be situated. I find that that is a little bit harder to do than the method I am going to show you because it is hard to translate on the floor, what is going to look good on the wall. This is a sure fire way to find out exactly where you want your artwork positioned. Then take your paper, put your little tape to the frame, find your little spot here, make sure that it is even, punch a hole; all set to go.

    Now, the next thing I do is you take your sketch tape and you just make a little circle with it, stick it on one side of your paper, just like that. Now, these becomes like your artwork and you can just tape them up on the wall and figure out exactly where you want them before you start punching holes in the wall. So, let us go over to the wall and see what we can figure out.