Hangover Helper: Detox Yoga Flow

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Designed to help you feel better after a night of partying, this sweet and simple yoga flow sequence is the perfect hangover remedy. Deep breathing, stretching, and twists detox your body and get the blood flowing to help you feel better. Heck, this yoga workout will feel great for everyone! Press play, hop on your mat, and get ready to recuperate with yoga.

    Anna Renderer: What do you do when you find yourself with a raging throbbing, post-celebration hangover?

    Micki Duran: Just payback for all that fun stuff you did last night, let's get clear, let's get clean, let's workout.

    All right, so we are going to start with Cat Cow. So bring your hands right underneath your shoulders and then you want your hips to be right underneath -- right actually on top of your knees, so this is going to help us get our blood flowing and the air going. So we are going to open up our lungs, take a deep breath in and then as you exhale, go ahead and round back drawing the navel in.

    Good! Again, inhale, lift the chest, stick your tissue out and exhale, you are going to round. You see that three more times, making sure you are following your breath and then exhale, go ahead and round.

    Good! Two more times, inhale and exhale, let's take one more, inhale and exhale, right. All right! Come into a neutral position. This next one is going to be a little bit harder, but the point is, is that we want to start to speed up the detoxication process, so we are going to get the heat going. I want you to come into plank. So straighten out your legs, yeah, you are not going to like me very much right now. But that's okay, you are going to feel better, it's about the end result. Right, so if you ever need to come down, as you feel like you are going to fall on your face, I'd rather you drop to your knees, right, save your face.

    All right, so draw the shoulders back, bring your chest forward and start to firm up your thighs as much as you can. Again we are starting that metabolism process. So you are going to start to feel a little bit of heat.

    Anna Renderer: Definitely feeling it.

    Micki Duran: You are definitely feeling it, all right. You are going to feel it even more. These are called yoga push-ups to modify, you can watch Madia, so we'll drop down to our knees, okay. We are just going to do three of them so that you don't hate me too much. Lower down halfway, and then press yourself back up. Wasn't that amazing?

    Anna Renderer: Oh yeah.

    Micki Duran: We are going to do it two more times. Lower down halfway, Anna likes it, and bring it back up. This is payback for all that fun stuff you did last night.

    Anna Renderer: That's right.

    Micki Duran: Lower down one more time and press yourself up. Not too bad, right?

    Madia Hill: Not too good.

    Micki Duran: All right.

    Madia Hill: Kind of burning.

    Micki Duran: Yeah.

    Anna Renderer: But the burning was not too much.

    Micki Duran: Okay, so now we are going to open up in our lungs. So we are going to do what's called an Upward Dog, lower your hips; I want you to go ahead and bend your elbows a little bit, try to send your shoulder heads, your arm heads back, and then bring your chest forward and up, so you can keep your hips on the floor like Madia is showing you or you can strain your legs, firm it up, and lift the hips up, so the knees aren't even touching the floor.

    Anna Renderer: Oh yeah.

    Micki Duran: Right? Doesn't that feel good?

    Anna Renderer: Yeah.

    Micki Duran: So take a deep breath in and then exhale it up, let's do one more, inhale and exhale. Now you are going to send the hips back. This is a very nice calming pose, it's called Downward Dog. So get your arms nice and straight, bring your chest towards your thighs and then you are going to stick your sit bones up, kind of like when were doing your Cat Cow, so tailbone up, thighs pressed back, heels down to the floor, you are going to feel a nice stretch in your hamstring, right?

    Anna Renderer: That feels so good.

    Micki Duran: So your body is coming alive. What we are trying to do is to eliminate the fatigue and the feeling of depression, so that's why we are keeping the body moving, so that you don't just want to lay down anymore.

    Anna Renderer: Thank you!

    Micki Duran: Right, just lay down on the couch, and then now you are going to walk your feet all the way forward, separate your feet about hip-width apart and again if you have tight hamstrings, go ahead and put a slight bend in your knees or if you have a block nearby, handy, please put your hands in block. So I want you to start to relax your shoulders, your body, let the weight of your body start to go down towards your floor, and then if you are tensing in your jaw, your neck, go ahead and do some jaw circles, so it's like you are a little animal, chewing gum, ya, ya, ya!

    Anna Renderer: Oh yeah.

    Micki Duran: Right, and then may be you want to nod the head side-to-side.

    Anna Renderer: Oh wow!

    Micki Duran: Yeah, or say, yes, I love this, this feels good, I am so glad, I am watching this right now.

    Anna Renderer: Oh yeah.

    Micki Duran: All right, so now, we are going to take a little backbend, so your fingertips can stay on the floor or beyond your shins, inhale, lift the chest come up half way and exhale release.

    Let's do that two more times, inhale, lift the chest, opening up the air supply and down briefly, those ones; one more time, inhale, and exhale. All right, let's come all the way to stand, so bring your hands to your hips, elbows back, I want you to lead with your chest, and come up to stand.

    All right I am going to teach you a Sun Salute, so this is going to keep the body moving, again getting into the blood supply, so we start moving. Inhale your arms, out and up, Sun Salute #A.

    Anna Renderer: #A?

    Micki Duran: Letter A, and then fold forward; inhale, lift the chest, come up half way, take your backbend. Step back into your plank.

    Now, you can always modify, we are going to do a half yoga push-up, so lower down halfway.

    Anna Renderer: I am getting on my knees.

    Micki Duran: Yes, take it into your Upward Dog or your Cobra, bring your chest forward, take a deep breath in; as you exhale, send your hips back, downward facing dog, all right, and that's it, you are still starting to send those heels down, good, bring your chest towards your thighs, and now walk your feet forward to your hands. Finger tips on the floor, on your shin, inhale, lift the chest, come halfway up and exhale full; inhale, rise, all the way up, sweep your arms up, exhale, release the arms. All right, let's do that again; inhale, arms out and up.

    Anna Renderer: Getting energy.

    Micki Duran: Good, right? And exhale, we are just moving through, keeping the body moving, inhale, lift the chest; as you exhale, step back into plank, activate your belly muscles, okay? Use your core, lower down, halfway, take it into your backbend, open up your lungs. Let the air circulate and take it back downward facing dog, good, hold it here, feel yourself strain those arms, and send the hips back, firm up your thighs and then let's walk forward. We are going to go through the round one more time, inhale, lift the chest come halfway up and exhale full, inhale rise, all the way up to stand, and exhale release, make sure you are following your breath, all right? Inhale, arms out and up.

    As you exhale fall forward, fingertips on the floor, on your shins, inhale, lift the chest, exhale, step back into your plank. Nice Anna, lower down, halfway, yoga push-up, take it into your backbend, take the chest through the shoulders, and then come into your downward facing dog. That was so good that I am going to give you a little rest, bend your knees down to the floor.

    Anna Renderer: That was amazing.

    Micki Duran: Feet together and sit back on your heels. Now walking your hands as far forward as you can, bring the forehead to the floor. This should feel really amazing and very calming. If your butt happens to come up, that's okay, all right. Keep breathing, lengthening through the ribcage, and sighing out through your mouth. Good! Take another deep breath in and exhale it up.

    Anna Renderer: I didn't realize how much stress I had, I feel so much better.

    Micki Duran: Right, it relaxes, I know you never do until you actually calm down. All right, walk your hands back. We are going to do another exercise, this is going to activate our core, it helps speed up our metabolism, which is going to help speed up the detoxification.

    Anna Renderer: Thank you!

    Micki Duran: So here we go, modification as you keep your knees bent, otherwise, arms forward straighten out your legs, this is a called a boat pose. Peekaboo!

    Good! So if you are having issues and you are grabbing onto your hip flexors, we don't want to do that, we want to activate our core muscles, you can always bend your knees, all right? Shoulders back, lift the chest, good!

    How long should we be here, should we be canoeing?

    Madia Hill: I think we should.

    Micki Duran: Should we canoe far away or should it be a short trip, just around the corner. All right, you are going to lower down halfway. A little teeny tiny canoe, and come back up. Did I surprise you?

    Anna Renderer: Oh boy!

    Micki Duran: Okay, let's do it again. Lower down. And bring it right back up.

    Madia Hill: I am shaking, is that okay?

    Micki Duran: Just a hundred more, all right and lower down, I can, I can.

    Madia Hill: Is it okay if I shake?

    Micki Duran: It's okay, it's a good thing, if you shake, that means the muscles are working, all right?

    All right, just two more. Good, and rise it up, that means this is your last one. We are going to hold in our little canoe, all right? Try not to tendon your jaw, those jaw circles, obnoxious gum chewing, good. Three, two, and one, lower down.

    Anna Renderer: Oh baby!

    Micki Duran: Doesn't that feel good?

    Anna Renderer: Oh wow!

    Micki Duran: All right, so now we are going to hydrate our spine with a twist, bring your right knee into your chest and take it over to your left, reach your right arm as far over as you can, as you keep your knee down, yes, and touch your neighbor, massage them, and then - you can't touch me, grow your arms.

    All right, try to take the right shoulder down. So you are also massaging your abdominals, okay. So think of your abdominals and your organs as being a sponge, when it gets nice and soaking wet, you want to wring it out, right? So it doesn't smell like mildew and get all gross.

    Anna Renderer: Yew!

    Micki Duran: Yew, I know, it's such a great image, you can switch thighs. All right, bring your left knee in.

    Anna Renderer: I like thinking about ringing out my organs.

    Micki Duran: Ringing out your organs, right.

    Anna Renderer: Detoxing.

    Micki Duran: Oh, all right. So your left knee is down, your left shoulder is pressing towards the floor, and yes, we can connect now with our neighbor, we are now lovers.

    Madia Hill: We are.

    Micki Duran: Dealing with our hangovers, and bring it up. Hug your knees into your chest, give yourself a nice big squeeze and release. Arms down by the side, legs down, close your eyes, you can stay here for as long as you want, all right?

    Madia Hill: The end!

    Anna Renderer: Oh that's amazing.

    Micki Duran: Oh baby, you feel good? Madia Hill: So good!

    Micki Duran: All right, you can do this without a hangover.

    Anna Renderer: Wow!

    Micki Duran: All right, I hope you all feel a sense of purity in your bodies.

    Anna Renderer: I know I do, thanks for watching guys. See you next time on POPSUGAR Fitness.