Harajuku Makeup – Applying Blush

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Make up artist Marie Webb demonstrates how to apply Harajuku style make-up including tips for applying blush.

    Marie Webb: Hi! My name is Marie Webb, today I am going to show you how to apply Harajuku style blush. This is my model Ruby. First, I am going to use a bright orange blush. Women normally use it on a everyday basis. But for Harajuku you want it to stand out and look colorful. I am going to turn her head around and we are going to apply towards the cheekbone on to the temple of her head. And also I am going to use another color thats going to make this one stands out; its more towards of a brown shimmery type blush. You want to take that towards the temple of the head and dap it on. And also I like to put it towards the nose area to come towards the face a little bit. Blend it in between the nose and the forehead and a little bit more out of the nose area. Then blend in very well. This is how you apply Harajuku blush. I am going to finish the other side of face. Coming up next I am going to show you how to apply Harajuku lipstick.