Harajuku Makeup – Applying Eye Shadow

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Make up artist Marie Webb demonstrates how to apply Harajuku style make-up including tips for applying the eye shadow.

    Marie Webb: Hi! My name is Marie; today I am going to show you how to apply Harajuku eyeshadow, and this is my model Ruby.

    First I like to use my make-up brush. And then we are going to use the bright yellow eyeshadow from Clarence. We are going to apply that eyeshadow all over the eye area. First I would like to dab it on so it could stay in place. And dab a little bit more that yellow eyeshadow towards the eye area.

    Now I am going to use a bright pink eyeshadow from MAC. I am going to use a different brush because I am going to use that towards the crease eye, like so, make sure you dap it on as well. Then blend in into the corner of the eye and you could also brush up the eyeshadow if it comes towards the face, brush it off lightly. Now we use that same color again to go over it. So you can make it look a little brighter and blend it in with the yellow eyeshadow. We now brush it off again and then I use my blending brush to blend in the corner. And next I am going to use the dark choco eyeliner with my eyeliner brush. You want to apply the line very thick towards the eyes going out of the eye area. And I am going to use a blue eyeliner as well at the bottom of the eyes and then blend it in with the black eyeliner on top. And take the corner out a little bit more than you will normally wear.

    Next, I am going to apply a turquoise-blue mascara. Women normally wear turquoise-blue mascara on everyday basis. But for the Harajuku make-up you would. Then I will use a black Mascara on the outer lash and blend it in as well. Now I am going to go back to the yellow eyeshadow that I put on before and add some more. And dap it very soft. Make sure you blend it in. Now I am going to use that same turquoise eyeliner on top with the black eyeliner. Then I am going to blend them altogether. Make sure you make the liner look a little thicker. So you could see it. You could see the two different colors. Now I am going to blend in the black again at the end of the eyes. We are going to finish the other side of the eyes. And coming up next I am going to show you how to apply Harajuku blush.