Harajuku Makeup – Applying the Foundation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Make up artist Marie Webb demonstrates how to apply Harajuku style make-up including tips for applying the foundation.

    Marie Webb: Hi! My name is Marie Webb; today we are going to show you how to apply Harajuku make-up. This is my model Ruby. First we are going to apply the moisturizer. This moisturizer is called Beauty Flash. I like to apply very light towards the face that gives the skin a brightening and ferment look. Then I am going to apply the concealer under her eyes. The concealer helps covers the blemishes under the eyes and I also like to apply on top of the eyelid. I applied on top of the eyelid but sometime I like to put that on instead of a primer. Then I will blend it in with my finger lightly the bottom and top. And now I am going to apply the foundation to give her a smoother and brighter look and even out the skin tone. Now I also like to put the foundation on her lips so that when I put on the lipstick, it actually makes it last longer. And then I will apply her setting powder that smooths out the foundation and gives it an even tone. And now I am going to finish the other side of her face and then I am going to show you how to apply Harajuku style eyeshadow.