Harvest Great Winter Greens

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master Gardener William Moss discusses some of the most nutritious Winter greens.

    William Moss: Lots of nutritious crops are winter hardy. Veggie garden is a four season sport. You can grow a lot of the greens and a lot of the other tasty nutritious veggies that we are going to talk about today no matter where you live all through the winter.

    We are going to focus on three main crops for winter gardening, the kales, the arugulas, and the broccoli. The first is the kale. This is a western red kale, but there are many other types that can make it through the winter as well. You can see how well they have done even through the snow and you want to come out and harvest the fresher leaves on this. I wouldn't take the older leaves at this point, just the ones that look nice and fresh and healthy.

    Now the arugula was started later than the kale and this patch is growing just fine. You can harvest the seedlings and eat them and use them in salads use them on sandwiches and they are really fresh, nutritious, add a lot of crispness to your winter eating.

    Finally, the broccoli. You have to start that a little bit earlier, but the broccoli can provide florets well into winter time and if you are coming up with a frost blanket or use something for some sort of protection, you can harvest broccoli really almost up until spring.

    Don't forget garlic, onions are good winter crops. Same are chards and your lettuces. So it's really easy for you to have a garden all through the winter time and even harvest out at your garden. It's just a matter of doing a little planning and starting the seeds the previous fall. Get out and grow.