Health and Nutrition for Kids – Vegetable Sushi Recipe

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Karen Schachter, a licensed clinical social worker and a certified health and nutrition counselor, demonstrates how to make a nutritional vegetable sushi that young children will love to eat.

    Karen Schachter

    Karen Schachter is a food and eating expert helping families who want to eat better, feel better, and develop positive relationships to food and their bodies. She loves helping parents who are interested in improving their children’s eating habits without driving themselves – or their children – crazy. Karen received her Masters in clinical social work from Smith College School for Social Work in 1994 and her nutrition training from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2006. She received additional training at the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute and has practiced psychotherapy with children and adults for over 13 years. She brings her psychotherapy experience, her nutritional training, and her experience as a mother of two young children to her innovative work. Her ability to help clients understand their own eating – and how they feed their children - from a nutritional and psychological mindset allows them to make real, long-term shifts in their eating. As a result, they often experience an improvement in their mood, their energy, and their weight, as well as decreased cravings, a resolution of the diet-binge cycle, improved self-esteem and lowered anxiety and stress levels. Parents report that children are eating better, resulting in improved behavior, mood and attention as well. Best of all, although many people come in initially to change their eating, most leave feeling that their life has improved in many other ways as well.

    Hi, I am Karen Schachter, in this segment I am going to show you how to make vegetable sushi with young children. I love preparing sushi with young kids because it has so many components that are really nutritionally dense. We have seaweed, which has tons of minerals which are often missing in our standard American diet, and its really tasty and crunchy. I have rice, and what I have done is mixed white rice and brown rice. You can get special sushi rice together with a little bit of sushi vinegar. I have gotten all of these things; the rice, the seaweed, and the vinegar at an organic health food store, but you can also get them at any Japanese market as well. In addition, I am using a variety of vegetables. I have chosen carrots and yellow pepper, cucumbers and avocado, but you can choose whatever you like. We are going to start by taking our seaweed and lying it on top of a piece of wax paper with the shiny side down. When you see your sushi, you will know what the shiny side is, thats going to be down on the wax paper. I am going to take about half a cup of rice. Again, I have put brown rice in here because brown rice has many more nutrients. It still has the outer layer of bran intact, whereas with white rice it has been stripped off, which makes brown rice just more nutritionally dense than white rice. I am going to smush this down. You might want to use your hands or you can use a back of a spatula or spoon, anything that works. I need a little bit more here. Just want to spread it out, but you want to leave a little bit of room at the end. I am going to use my hands because its easier, even though I am going to have sushi all over my -- I mean rice all over my hands after. Try to get it flat, flat down there. I am going to take some vegetables and lie them right across the middle, like this. I use a little bit of each. Then I am going to start rolling. I am going to start at this end and just roll like this, holding the vegetables and seaweed over, just rolling it as tight as you can. Actually, I was supposed to use my wax paper, but I didnt even need to. You can then smush it, use your wax paper to squeeze it really tight, like this. It can help to use a little bit of water in here to stick those pieces together, but since I have soy sauce right here, I am just going to use some of that. Then, take my sharp knife, which I explained to children that only grownups come near, and I am going to cut it, first in half. Look how pretty that is, and then in half again, and then in half again. It can be hard to make it stay together like those sushi chefs do, but there you have it.