Health Food – Sweet Potato Fries for Kids

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Certified Health Counselor Lisa Wilson demonstrates how to make healthy sweet potato fries for kids.

    Lisa Wilson

    Lisa Wilson is a Certified Health, Nutrition and Wellness Counselor and a Certified Fitness Trainer. She is the founder of Nourished, LLC and Parkfit, Outdoor Fitness for Women. She helps busy families incorporate healthy meals into their life on a regular basis. As the mother of three, Lisa is passionate about proper nourishment for growing children. She works with clients seeking weight loss, sugar reduction, cholesterol control, hormone balance, emotional issues, wellness, prevention, renewed energy and balance and more. Lisa offers individual and group counseling. Individuals are often referred to her practice by area doctors. She also offers a cooking class series in the home or office! The classes cover kitchen basics, intermediate classes and classes on stepping it up to ultimate health! Lisa earned her undergraduate degree from the College of Saint Benedict in Minnesota. She received her training as a Health Counselor through a program with Columbia University, at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in Manhattan. She lives and works in McLean, Virginia.

    Hi, Im Lisa Wilson, Im a Certified Health Counselor in Northern Virginia, Im Founder of Nourished LLC, and we are in the kitchen making fun finger food for kids. Right now Im working on some sweet potato fries. These are real quick and easy. All you have to do is go ahead and I like to have my bowl right here, just to peel them right into, and I dont have to be standing over the garbage all the time, just get those peels off. One side done. I already peeled one of them, wanted to get a head start, so I have one peeled and cut in the bowl waiting for me as you can see. I just kind of cut them into french-fry looking pieces, different sizes, different shapes, but pretty much just like a french-fry, sweet potato fry I should say. Go ahead, were just going to take those ends off. This is a simple snack my kids like to enjoy any old time. Im going to cut this one into thirds, just like that, then Im going to lay it down, and go ahead and just do my fries. As you see I am just holding on to the tip of my knife, and just making those nice layers, here we go, gorgeous, perfect. Into the bowl we go. Alright, that looks little too thick, Im going to go cut it again. Nice. One last, into the bowl we go.

    So, I have these in my great big bowl. I only have two sweet potatoes in here and look how much it makes, thats quite a bit. Im going to have a little finger food party, some kids will be here soon. So, Im going to go ahead and just toss those into little olive oil. Not too much olive oil, I dont measure, just enough to coat it, but you dont want too much, and then some sea salt, two teaspoons or so. Sea salt, and then time to get dirty, time to get your hands -- of course, make sure you are working with clean hands when you get started, but just go ahead and give those sweet potato fries a nice toss, and its as simple as that. Then were going to go ahead and get our baking sheet out, and mines ready for me right here. I have my oven heating to 350, so were going to spread these out on the baking sheet, just like that. Spread them out so they can cook evenly and nicely, and then into the oven it goes. Were going to bake these at 350 for about 30 minutes. Now, at the half way point, I am going to go ahead, get my spatula out and flip them over. So, into the oven these will go, and then Im going to come back and show you what were going to top them with.

    I have here my organic coconut milk, sweet potatoes, you know its a funny thing, because you never know, you dont really want to dip them in ketchup that tastes a little off. So, here we go, you can go ahead and open them up, open up my can, Im just going to open up it all the way. Get that lid out of there so I can show you this. Okay, Im moving my lid here. Here we go. Im making a little mess in the kitchen, thats what its all about, right? So, the coconut milk, I have this bowl that Im going to have the kids dip it into, and what you want to do is just find the creamy stuff. Its kind of a warm day, I have to stay at my house, so this is a little creamier than it usually is. We could actually -- thats what Im going to go, Im going to put this in the refrigerator for a little while before the kids come and this will firm up a little bit, because this has been sitting on my counter and its pretty warm in my house right now.

    So, the reason Im scooping off the top and not just dumping the whole thing in, Im going to show you. Were getting the thick creamy coconut milk off the top, it kind of separates in the can. So, once Ive gotten most of the real milky, milky stuff off, I will show you, towards the bottom it gets pretty clear. I dont know if you can see this, Im going to just dump a little into the bowl, because it gets kind of clear toward the bottom, its hard to tell, its kind of all mixing through. Trust me, towards the bottom, its a little creamier, its clear, more like water. So, what Im going to do is just go ahead, put this in the refrigerator, and this is what the kids can use to actually dip their french-fries in, theyre going to love it.

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