Healthy Desserts – Baked Apples

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Amy Riolo for the US Apple Association shows us how to incorporate Apples into a healthy lifestyle. This video focuses on how to make baked apples.

    Amy Riolo: Hi, I'm Amy Riolo for the US Apple Association. Today we're showing you how to incorporate apples into a healthy lifestyle.

    The recipe which we're making now is grilled apples. The ingredients which we'll need today are four baking apples, two table spoons of ground cinnamon, two tablespoons of sugar and two aluminum baking sheets.

    So let's begin. The first thing that we'll do is look at our apples. I've got two crispin apples here and two of the golden delicious apples. These are really great for baking because they hold up their shape but you can use whatever kind of apple you like or that you have available in your area. We've got them cored out in the center.

    Now I'm going to mix together my cinnamon and sugar. There are lot of legends and medieval poetry that talk about apples, the kind of sayings like we have the apple of someone's eye. That has been around for a long time because actually in the Middle East in the 9th and the 10th century if someone bit into an apple and gave it to their loved one, it meant that they were in love with them. So it's kind of like we give roses now-a-days, they used to get bitten apples way back when. So it's very nice connotation to give someone an apple.

    This mixture is so delicious with cinnamon and sugar and you can see how simple it is. But whenever the heat touches the apple, olive -- its juices, they are going to start to run out and the juices are going to marry with the sugar and the cinnamon and it's going to make them taste really good.

    So here we have one of the apples. It's been cored out. I'm just going to take one teaspoon of the mixture. I'm just going to coat the inside of the apple with this mixture. Then I'm going to wrap it up in the aluminum foil.

    Then we'll just place it on a little tin baking sheet. You can also use a regular baking sheet if they're going into the oven. But because we were normally putting these on a grill, it's better to have the aluminum foil. I'll go ahead and continue doing the rest of our apples in the same way.

    Apples date back to the Iron Age. They first started cultivating them in ancient Egypt. So they've been around for a long time. Apples were brought to our country in 1620 with the Pilgrims. When these come out of the oven, they're going to be so soft and tender that you can just put them on a plate and you can drizzle them with a really nice French vanilla yogurt or a plain yogurt or some frozen yogurt or even some ice cream and that'll be absolute delicious.

    So here are our apples. If you are going to grill these, you would have your grill already preheated to about medium and you would just set these on top and cook them for about 10 minutes or until they're tender and you can tell because with potholder you can just easily feel the sides of the apple.

    Today we're going to put them in our oven. We have the oven preheated to about 425. So we should see in about 20 minutes, we should have really beautiful roasted apples.

    So we've just taken our apples out of the oven and that are perfectly done because they're very soft and they've started to kind of wilt and come together. That means that all of the juices have been released and have absorbed some of our cinnamon and sugar mixture. So there will be a wonderful base for whatever we're going to use them for now.

    Now what I'm going to do is just set them in the bowl. Then I'm going to scoop a little bit of the sauce that has leaked out onto the bottom of this pan, right over the top. Then I'm going to top the apple with a little bit of the vanilla ice cream that we have here. You could also use yogurt or whipped cream or anything you like.

    So there you have our baked or grilled apples topped with the vanilla ice cream. Now that we've finished a great apple dessert, it's time to think about tomorrow's breakfast. Up next, we've got apple pancakes with apple maple sauce.