Healthy Dinner – Apple Halibut Kabobs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Amy Riolo for the US Apple Association shows us how to incorporate Apples into a healthy lifestyle. This video focuses on how to make Apple Halibut Kebabs.

    Amy Riolo: Hi! I am Amy Riolo for the US Apple Association and today we are showing you how to incorporate apples into a healthy lifestyle. So let's begin making our Apple Halibut Kebabs.

    The ingredients which we'll need will be 1/2 cup dry white wine or chicken stock, 4 teaspoons olive oil, 2 tablespoons lime juice, 2 tablespoons finely chopped onion, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper, 1/4 teaspoon dried thyme crushed, 1 baking apple cored and cut into 1 inch cubes, 1 medium green or sweet red pepper cut into 1 inch squares, 1 small onion cut into 1 inch squares and 1 pound Halibut cut into 1-1.

    5 inch cubes. If you didn't want to use Halibut, you can use a different type of fish or you could also use chicken, this works great on them.

    First, I will start by making my marinade and this is just a half a cup chicken stock. If you didn't want to use chicken stock, you could use white wine, you could also use a citrus juice or what would be really delicious is to also add some apple juice and now we're going to add in a little bit of lime juice and our olive oil. I am just going whisk these in together and then I am going to add in our dried thyme.

    This is about a half a teaspoon of dried thyme, so you can use about a 1/4 teaspoon of fresh if you wanted and in the summertime, it's nice to use fresh herbs. Maybe you will have dried herbs that have been sitting in your cupboard for a while. They tend to lose their essential oils really easily. So by rubbing them in between your hands this way, you start to release their aroma and they really enhance the flavor of your meal a lot more and then I am going to add about 2 teaspoons of our finely chopped onion and now I am just whisking everything together and then I am going to add in some salt and pepper and then I will cut it my Halibut.

    It's really great to incorporate some of the apples that we have in the market today with fish and with meat. It sounds weird like you wouldn't normally think of it to incorporate it with dinner but the sweet and savory combination is really delicious. Great thing about Halibut is it's so easy to cut. This has already been skinned for us and I am just going to add these in and when we'll mix them around to coat them in the marinade, really all you need is about an hour, 2 hours max but I wouldn't keep this in the refrigerator overnight because the proteins in the fish are going to break down. It's going to be just too tender. So we're going to cover our fish while it marinates and then we'll put it into the fridge for an hour and when we come back, we'll go ahead and thread our apple and Halibut kebabs.

    So now our Halibut has had enough time to marinate properly and we're going to go ahead and start threading our kebab skewers. I am just using these metal skewers but you can use wooden ones if you like. Keep in mind that if you use wooden ones, you want to have them soaking in water for about 20 minutes, so they won't burn on your grill.

    I am going to start just putting my fish on, then I will put a piece of pepper next to it. You can use red pepper or green whatever you like and then I am going to put some of the onion. You can also use a red onion and then go ahead and layer a piece of the apple, and as this grills and the apple is able to touch the fish and also the green pepper and the onion a lot of flavors come through and it's really a delicious taste.

    Halibut is a nice, firm, flesh fish that you can use in many different recipes, it has a lot of healthy omega 3s in it and its flavor is nice and neutral. So, it goes with a lot of different types of ingredients. Here we're using the Granny Smith apples and those are nice and tart. So they are a nice complement also to this dish.

    You can also put them in the oven, just preheat your broiler and that tastes very well also. So here we have one of our skewers and I am going to continue threading our kebabs. When we come back, we will put them on the grill. We just want to make sure your grill is nice and preheated before you put anything on it. That way you start to get the nice sear marks and I will learnt everything hang out for a couple of minutes kind of on each side before I start to really turn. And a good way to measure that is when you actually take the kebab and it turns over easily, then you know that it's time to turn and you can always turn them by the ends.

    So I can see actually the bottom here is starting to get nice and flaky. So I am going to go ahead and give that a little turn. You can turn them on a bunch of times. It doesn't really matter how many times you turn them, just as long as you get the fish cooked through on all of the sides.

    If you are cooking these in your broiler, about 3 minutes on each side will be perfect to get the kebabs cooked all the way through. Now, we're starting to get a little bit of a golden color on the sides of the fish and that's exactly what we're looking for.

    So now our Halibut and apple kebabs have finished cooking and you can tell when they're done, when the apple starts to turn a little bit golden. And if you push the fish with a fork, it just flakes off in large flakes. You can push some right off this way. We'll go ahead and finish plating the rest and then you have our apple and Halibut kebabs. Enjoy!

    Now that we have finished our quick and easy apple and Halibut kebabs for dinner, up next, we'll be making a fantastic dessert of grilled apples.