Healthy Food Choices – Breakfast On the Go

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dietitian Sonya Kaster discusses ways to choose conventional and unconventional items that transport easily for breakfast. It also include portion size and packaging for items on the go.

    Sonya Kaster: Hi! I am Sonya Kaster with Oliver Foundation and today we've been talking about ways to make healthy choices on the go. So let's take a look at the most important meal of the breakfast. Here are few items that you would normally think of when you think of a typical sit down breakfast. Things like cereal and milk, these don't translate very well as you're walking out of the door. Another thing that we normally think of are going to things like sweet rolls, muffins, scones, or actually these really large bagels. And these are the sorts of things that while they maybe easy to have for hand-held items, they're not going to be the healthiest choices, so the last thing you want to do is to send your children out for the day using any of these for breakfast on the go. And other thing, we typically think of for breakfast are going to be those things like omelets, or eggs, or scrambled eggs. And again, while they are great to sit down and have a wonderful family breakfast, not the sort of thing that you think of when you have breakfast on the go. So now, let's look at some items that actually will translate very well for healthy choices for breakfast on the go. Things like yogurts that are ready either in little containers themselves; whether 4 ounces or 6 ounces. Those are going to be really easy for your children to have in the car with them and be able to eat that pretty easily while they're going. Also, things like apple sauce. Another thing, that maybe you don't think of as much when you're thinking a breakfast on the go as why do you were strict yourself to actual those typical breakfast foods? Why don't we look at something that can maybe we thought of as a little bit an off the wall or not normally your typical breakfast? What's the problem with having just a half a sandwich in the morning? You could actually use an English muffin or you could use a small plan bagel or what about just a 100% whole wheat bread. And the way we can translate that on the go, is we're just going to put a little low fat, fat-free cheese, a little turkey meat on there, and then we can we can just do a fold over, and then put that in a bag. And your child can actually take that with them, whether it's on a bus or whether you're dropping them off at school in the car. They can actually just really carry that very easily. And while it might not be the first thing you think off to actually have half a sandwich, that's a really great breakfast to send them off with. Another, really great option for breakfast on the go of course is to maybe have a 100% fruit juice, but you need to be careful. More is not always better. With the 100% fruit juice, this is actually a 4 ounce serving of orange juice and that's going to give you approximately 50 calories, but then once you supersize it up to a full cup then that's going to be about a 100-110. And then finally, a 16 ounce serving of orange juice, will give you twice as much that's going to give you about 200-220 calories. So while it's a great choice for breakfast on the go, very easy to put that in a container with the lid on top of it and whether it has a straw, or whether just little sip cup on it. It's a great thing to choose, but be careful because when you go ahead and supersize, you're also supersizing the calories as well. Fruits, another great option for breakfast, but most of us think of breakfast in the morning maybe with our cereal and milk and to put some sliced strawberries or other types of berries on top of it. You might not think that it really translate while the breakfast on the go, but here are couple of choices or couple of options that you can use in your fruit and cereal. Now, you can find these really great little containers that actually are liquid proof when you seal them down. It actually contains also the little blue ice that you can keep things cold in. So why not have your breakfast cereal on the go. Put it in here, add a little milk and then you can also include some berries on that. That will make a really great option. And of course you want to make sure that it's going to work on the go to so that we'll seal it just fine. And again, as long as that top is frozen no problem. And of course, nature provide it's own to go package, why not just have an orange or actually an apple or a pear. Those are great options to send your kids off for breakfast in the morning.