Healthy Kids Treats – Chunky Guacamole

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Anna Reeves of Tiny Chefs demonstrates how to make healthy treats for kids including chunky guacamole.

    Anna Reeves: Hi! I am Anna Reeves from Tiny Chefs. Today we are making healthy treats for kids. We are going to make guacamole and the ingredients that we are using are 3 white avocados, one small red onion chopped, fresh cilantro just a handful, 2 tomatoes chopped out, the juice of one lemon, and sea salt to taste. We will begin by slicing our avocados down the center and twisting them apart to open them. Now we are going to basically remove the flesh of the avocado with our spoon. We can just pop the inside right out and just scoop it out with your spoon. It should be nice and easy to pull out. If your avocados aren't ripe enough, it's going to make it a little bit tricky. You will want to continue to do this with the other two avocados. If you find that your avocado has a couple of black spots in it, don't worry about it, it still tastes the same. Just go ahead and add it into the bowl.

    Next, we are going to take a fork and just start to mush around the avocado, sort of, break it up. Depending on how chunky you want your avocado or your guacamole, you can just keep breaking it down until you are comfortable with it. Some people like it really nice and smooth, other people prefer chunks. People are going to leave that a little bit chunky today. Just break that up with a fork until you get it to the consistency that you are comfortable with. Now we are going to add in our tomatoes which are sliced up, just toss them right in, as well as our onions. It's a one small onion, use about that much, you can always add in more, our cilantro, about a little handful. I want to make sure it's nice and fresh. Now you chop it up and the juice of one lemon. A little trick I would like to do to make sure the seeds don't get into my guacamole, I just, sort of, squeeze it out into my hand and then into the bowl. That was I catch any seeds that there might be. This juice is going to lighten it up a little bit, give a little bit of zest.

    So we are going to mix that all up with that fork. Oh, this is looking delicious. Now guacamole, you can eat with a variety of things. You can add tortilla chips and today we are using whole wheat teeter. You can always do vegetables, if you are veggies. Get this all mixed up and again, kids love this sort of thing because they get very hands on, they get to get their hands messy and it's very nutritious. So they are actually eating healthy food and might not even know it. When you are done mixing, you are going to want to add in couple of pinches of sea salt, just to sort of combine all the flavors there. that's always to taste, if you decide that you need more salt, you can add a little more a little later.

    Here we have our healthy chunky guacamole for kids. Next up is our hummus.