Healthy Lunch – Crunchy Hawaiian Chicken Wrap

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Art Smith demonstrates how to make a healthy lunch for kids – a crunchy Hawaiian chicken wrap.

    Chef Art Smith: Hello buddy! I am Chef Art Smith joined by –


    Prince Naeem Al-Deen: Prince Naeem Al-Deen. 


    Chef Art Smith: You love to cook, don’t you? 


    Prince Naeem Al-Deen: I do. 


    Chef Art Smith: Exactly! Get your kids cooking because you get your kids cooking you’ll get them eating, right?


    Prince Naeem Al-Deen: Right!


    Chef Art Smith: It’s important that you cook with the kids, in fact, Prince and I are going to show you a delicious dish. What are we making, Prince?


    Prince Naeem Al-Deen: Today we are making a Crunchy Hawaiian Chicken Wrap.


    Chef Art Smith: A Crunchy Hawaiian Chicken Wrap. Okay, let’s get started. So what I am going to do is that I add a little mayonnaise, okay? Now you just -- you can just use any mayonnaise, add just a little poppy seeds. Do you know what, you can sit there and stir that for me, do you want to do that?


    Prince Naeem Al-Deen: Okay.


    Chef Art Smith: Okay, that’s perfect. Now the next thing I am going to do add just a pinch of garlic powder, you got that? Okay, and then a pinch of onion powder.


    Prince Naeem Al-Deen: It smells good.


    Chef Art Smith: Does it smell good? That’s why I love about cooking because you can smell these great smells. I like a little chilly powder in there too because it makes it dense a little bit. Isn’t that great?


    Okay, the next thing I want to do is add just a pinch of sugar, okay, just a little sugar. This is what we are going to do, a nice little sweet flavor there, and then what I am going to do is add some vinegar, do you want to stir that around for me?


    Prince Naeem Al-Deen: Okay.


    Chef Art Smith: What the vinegar does and with the little sugar it makes it a little sweet and sour. Do you like sweet and sour?


    Prince Naeem Al-Deen: Uh-huh.


    Chef Art Smith: We are going to add spinach, do you like spinach?


    Prince Naeem Al-Deen: Not that much.


    Chef Art Smith: Not that much, I guarantee, you will eat this when you have it with the dressing. Okay, next, after you add the spinach why don’t you add the shredded carrots, I love that.


    Prince Naeem Al-Deen: Shredded carrots.


    Chef Art Smith: Isn’t that delicious?


    Prince-Naeem Al-Deen: Uh-huh.


    Chef Art Smith: And then the next one to do, what is that? 


    Prince-Naeem Al-Deen: Shredded broccoli. .


    Chef Art Smith: Exactly! I want to take that and we are just going to mix that around. Now, do you want to mix that around for me? Just toss it, okay, like that, okay? 


    Prince-Naeem Al-Deen: Like a salad.


    Chef Art Smith: Yeah, exactly! And then the next thing we want to do is add the chicken. This is just cubed cooked chicken. And then my little favorite secret ingredient, crushed pineapple. Perfect! Do you want to mix it up for me? Can I sit here and mix with you? 


    Prince-Naeem Al-Deen: Uh-huh.


    Chef Art Smith: Good! Perfect! Guess what we are going to do now? 


    Prince-Naeem Al-Deen: You are going to wrap these. 


    Chef Art Smith: Exactly! So here is your whole wheat flour tortilla. Make sure like what you add it, because when we add it, we want to make sure that’s not too much because we are going to roll this. I am going to do the same thing. That’s about a quarter to half a cup, depending on the size of your tortilla. Okay, perfect! 


    Are you ready? It’s kind of like making an egg roll, okay, or wrap -- or just -- it’s like also like an envelope, but I -- I -- I just say egg roll. So the first thing you want to do is just take -- look at you, and then you just roll it. 


    Prince-Naeem Al-Deen: I am going to start rolling my burrito like this. 


    Chef Art Smith: We’re calling it a wrap, but you know what, it’s very much like a healthy burrito, which is really good too, you know? I like burritos. 


    Prince-Naeem Al-Deen: All done.


    Chef Art Smith: Look at that! Hey, I understand you know how to use a knife. Remember everybody, it’s important to have an adult in the kitchen, right? 


    Prince-Naeem Al-Deen: Right


    Chef Art Smith: --when you’re cooking because, you know, the kitchen is a wonderful, fabulous adventure, but it's an adventure that you need a tour guide, so get that parent in there helping you. Okay, you want to show me?  


    Prince-Naeem Al-Deen: Okay. 


    Chef Art Smith: Bear claw.


    Prince-Naeem Al-Deen: Oh yeah, it’s always important to keep a bear claw and the tip of the knife down when you’re cutting. 


    Chef Art Smith: I am so impressed friends! Look at you! Okay, thank you so very, very much! Can we eat now? Okay. 


    Prince-Naeem Al-Deen: Okay. 


    Chef Art Smith: Okay, okay, all right! Wow! It is crunchy. 


    Prince-Naeem Al-Deen: I guess that’s why they call it a Crunchy Hawaiian Chicken Wrap. 


    Chef Art Smith: I guess so. It’s a wrap.