Healthy Meals – How to Make Miso Soup for Breakfast

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nutritionist Jennet Bessinger demonstrates how to make your own healthy miso soup for breakfast.

    Jeannette Bessinger

    Jeannette Bessinger, Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor and owner of Balance for Life LLC, is a co-author of the upcoming book Whole Life Nutrition A Simple Approach to Nourishing America's Busy Families, and the meal and recipe designer for the Dr. Jonny Bowden’s The Healthiest Meals on Earth 50 Recipes and Why You Should Eat These Foods (release: spring of ’08). A motivational speaker and health/nutrition educator, Jeannette regularly gives talks and classes to businesses, corporations, non–profits, wellness centers, hospitals, colleges and faith–based organizations with an interest in wellness and disease prevention. Jeannette has provided services in health education and prevention for individuals and groups in a wide variety of venues for fifteen years. Her professional specialty is the development and facilitation of unique, effective lifestyle change programs targeting complex health and wellness issues such as obesity, chronic stress, family balance and disease prevention. Creator of the Whole Life Nutrition™ approach to health improvement, she currently runs these successful lifestyle change programs in both hospital and holistic settings. Jeannette acts as a lifestyle health consultant to several public and private groups and coalitions working to improve the health of schools and cities. She was a lead investigator and strategist on a citywide assessment and intervention plan for obesity funded by the RI Department of Health. She also designed and facilitated an obesity prevention program for Head Start with a grant from the American Association of Pediatrics. A graduate among the first class of women at Columbia College, Columbia University, Jeannette has pursued an extensive, multi–modal education in teaching, health and wellness. As a very busy wife and mother of two children, she understands first hand how challenging it can be to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle as a working parent. With a personal history of autoimmune disease and diabetes, she knows how vital it is to put your health first on your priority list. Much of the depth and practical nature of Jeannette's material arises directly from her own efforts to meet the challenges of balancing health, family and a lively career.

    Jennet Bessinger: Hi I am Jennet, I am with Balance For Life and were making healthy breakfasts. Right now were doing something a little bit unusual, were making a Miso soup that might not be too appealing to you at first but actually its a wonderful light and nourishing way to begin your day. In the winter time, in colder months it might be easier to think about having a soup, as you can see weve some nice vegetables boiling away, its very-very simple to make.

    It actually just takes a couple of minutes and you can use what ever you happen to have in your larder. There are no fast and hard rules in making a Miso soup, any vegetables that sound like that they will be tasty for you, its worth it to try. So think about using, if youre making it just for yourself, think about using a cup, cup and a half of water and about a cup of cut vegetables. In this version weve taken some broccoli from the crown. Just made it a little bit smaller, put it in to bite size pieces about like that and actually weve used a little bit of sweet potato.

    If you cube it into a half inch squares, it cooks up fairly quickly, you are going to need to give it seven or eight minutes if you do use a harder root vegetable like this but it will give it a creamy soft flavor which is really nice and sweet. You can add some onion if you wish to or you might add some lighter leaves, this is a colored leaf and a quickest way to prepare it for the soup is to cut out the heavy spine. You can actually dice this, its really got a concentrated amount of calcium, the minerals are in here and dice it in to pieces like that take the actual leaf, fold it in of itself and roll it in to a tube like a cigar. And then you cut it in to these little ribbons and you can leave the ribbons long or you can dice them into pieces. These cook up very-very quickly another possibility is to take a carrot and to use either a shredder or a grater and just grate some pieces in there quickly.

    So you add the harder vegetables first, the sweet potatoes will go in first, give them five or six minutes then the carrot shreds, then the broccoli and then the lightest, the leaves. So after youve got the whole mixture going, may be seven or eight minutes, if youre using the harder ones, just remove the lid, take your soup off the heat, you see how the broccoli is nice and bright and the sweet potato is bright orange, thats really what you are looking for.

    When everything is tender, tender crisp, pour it out in to a bowl and heres the easiest part. This is a Miso, its a fermented Soya bean paste which makes it easier to digest the Soya which can be difficult for some people. Its very salty and its got a very strong flavor, so a small amount goes a long way, for good this is about a cup and a half of soup and vegetables, you can use a round a table spoon.

    Now you dont want to cook it because it has live enzymes inside and that will kill them. So you put it in to the hot water, after the soup has already cooked. It takes a moment or two to dissolve, you can assist that process by just gently mashing and mixing it. See how it comes up in to this nice rich color, this is very alcoholizing for this system. It will set you up for the day with a lot of energy.

    If you prefer to use a lighter Miso, that does have a less of a strong flavor. So start with a little bit see if you like it, you might find thats soup makes a terrific breakfast. So thats how we make our Miso soup and were going to be moving on. Next were going to be doing an Apple Cheese Pan bake.