Heavy Bag Boxing Drills – The 30-30-30

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    TJ, from Team Ruthless Boxing, demonstrates how to practice 30-30-30 drills.

    Hey, it is Dino again and we just decided we are going to clue in on some of the drills we used for the heavy bag today. This drill we are going to do now, actually I learnt from John Brown, a very great boxing coach. I have seen him use it in his gym and I have seen him use it on video, it is called the 30-30-30 drill. Theoretically, you will use a three minute training round and the first 30 seconds of that three minutes for the first 30 seconds, you are going to throw your punches and everything at regular speed, just like you do if you are normally walking up to bag and just starting to hit it. The second 30 seconds, you are going to ride the bike, you are going to move around the bag, keep your knees up nice and high and hit the bag as many times as you can, as fast as you can.

    The third 30 seconds, you are just going to land to the bag, every punch you throw is a knockout punch. Again, you repeat this twice in the three minute round and it gets very, very tiring, especially when you start manipulating the resting time between rounds. Average rest between rounds is a minute. Sometimes, I cut it down on my fighters to 30 seconds or even 15 seconds. So, they do not even have a chance to recover and their back doing it again. For the sake of time, we are going to do 10 seconds per segment and run through it twice. T.

    J is going to come on in and I am going to step out, you will hear my voice, I will give him commands as the time wears down, regular speed and go. Ride the bike, ride the bike, get your knees up, get your knees up, get your knees up, keep moving, keep moving, fast as you can, fast as you can, everything is a knockout, hard as you can go, hard, come on, burst that bag, everything is hard, everything is a knockout, good and regular speed, regular speed and ride the bike, ride the bike, ride the bike, let us go, keep moving, keep moving, keep moving, get your knees up high, knees up high, knees up high and all you got, everything you got is a knockout, everything, come on, let us go and down. That is the 30-30-30 drill. That was only a minute action. It is usually three times longer than that and it will devastate your metabolic conditioning.

    Basically, usually when I throw it, I say, Okay, we will see how long you can go and we just set the clock at three minutes, 30 seconds rest and let them go through things until till they can not do it. It is a great conditioning day workout. You do not worry about the technical aspects too much, making sure that you are not making too many mistakes, but the biggest thing you want them to do is keep moving through the whole workout, keep the sequence, regular speed, ride the bike as fast and as hard as you can throw. Thank you.