Hedge Trimming – Care and Maintenance of Your Hedges and Shrubs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Black & Decker product development manager, Joe Newland, describes how to care and maintain your hedges and shrubs. This video series includes an overview of hedges and shrub trimming basics. It shows how to create a guide to trim formal hedges and shrubs and gives techniques for properly trimming hedges and shrubs.

    Joe Newland: Hi! I am Joe Newland, Product Development Manager for Black & Decker's Outdoor Products division. Today I'm talking about the care and maintenance of your hedges and shrubs. Hedge care and maintenance will vary depending on the type of shrub and what region you live. For information on your specific needs, contact your local gardeners. In general though, most hedges and shrubs just need mulch, fertilizer, and water to thrive. Start by cleaning up the area underneath the shrubs. Remove any excess leaves, branches or trimmings that may be there on the ground. After you have cleaned up that area, add mulch all around the base of the shrub. This is especially important if you live in an area that has cold winter month. Adding mulch prevents the soil from drying out and discourages weeds from growing. Adding fertilizer to your shrub promotes strong root growth. Again this will vary by region but generally you should apply fertilizer to your hedge at least once a year. The easiest way to do this is with a surface application. Simply spread the fertilizer around the base of the plants. Plants use three to five times as much as water during the hot summer months as they do during the winter. So it's a good idea to water your shrubs regularly. This promotes healthy growth and an evergreen look. Also watch out for any pest or diseases on your plants. If you notice something, take immediate action so that it doesn't spread. If you're unsure what the disease or the pest is or how to treat it cut a clipping from the plant and take it to your local garden center for their expert advice.

    This information will help you care for and maintain beautiful shrubs and hedges in your yard.