Henna – Arabic Designs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Beauty and Fashion Expert Lucky Sohi breaks down the various henna Arabic Designs.

    Lucky Sohi: My name is Lucky and we are here at Pink Karma Salon. Today we will be doing henna designs. In this segment, we will be doing Arabic designs. In this one, we will be using a pre-made cone that you can buy. Like the other Indian design, you can start from every where you want and just start filling them in the hand.

    This one I will be starting from the side. Unlike the Indian design, this one is more empty than the other one. Like the other Indian designs, keep doing abstract designs. You don't have to make double lines to make make the design actually stick out, they will stick out by themselves. This is one of the common designs to fill in the space. Fill in the design we just need, you don't have to fill it thoroughly in, but just enough, so it actually sticks out. In Arabic designs, dots and lateral triangle like shapes are really popular. The Arabic design doesn't take as long like the Indian one. Both designs are popular in weddings and other traditional events. Unlike the Indian design, it is not as detailed and it's easier and quicker to do. Flowers and other abstract designs are popular for this. Keep filling in the designs, until you reach the tips of the fingers. Keep filling the design, until the whole hand is full. This is a complete hand of Arabic design. Both hands don't have to be exactly the same, both of them can be different but keep the consistency of Arabic or Indian design. When you do the designs, you can do squiggly lines or the swirl that you see right here, flowers or other Arabic designs as you can see on the hands. Do it from the wrist, all the way up to the fingertips. You can start further down, but for a simple hand this will be perfect. Now that I have shown you two different henna designs, in the next segment I will be showing you how to remove the henna.