Henna Designs – Making the Henna and the cone

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Beauty and Fashion Expert Lucky Sohi demonstrates how to make henna and the cone for the application of a henna design.

    Lucky Sohi: I am Lucky, here at Pink Karma Salon. I will be showing you how to do henna tattooing. In this segment, I will be showing you how to make a cone. We will be using a piece of paper to show you how to make the cone until you become an expert on making of a cone. You can get plastic from any crafting shop or anything to make the actual cone for the henna. For this segment, you will be needing tape and the paper to make the cone. Start from one end and start folding it inside. Make sure you have a really narrow end right here at the bottom. Keep folding inside, keep swirling around until you have a full cone. This cone is actually bigger from my usual cone and more skinnier and longer. Get the tape, tape it at the end of the cone around it to seal it. Inside where you sealed the fold, get another tape and tape it there. To make it more easier when you have a skinnier cone, use a side of a scissor, tape it to the side of it and tape it inside. Slide it off and press down it, conceal it. Get another long tape to tape the side of the cone.

    Now that you have made the cone, lets make the paste. To make the paste you will need a plastic bowl, some water and the henna mix. It comes in a powder, you can buy it from any Indian shop. Put the powder inside the bowl. If you are doing two hands, you probably dont need as much as you think you need. Put the water inside the bowl with that henna powder. Mix the henna until its a creamy consistency. Be sure that all the knots of the powder are broken in. Usually when you are mixing the henna powder, you can get a henna oil to make the color more vibrant when you apply it. If you need more water, you can put more water in that powder. Dont make the paste too watery, otherwise you wont be able to apply it to the hands. Keep mixing until everything is broken down. This seems like a great consistency of the paste. After you are done making the paste, take a spoonful of the paste and put it in the cone. Dont put too much paste in the cone where the cone is overflowing. Then I am going to squeeze the cone and fold it inward. As you can see, its harder with the paper but with the plastic, its much easier to fold. Fold it downwards and fill in the bottom, until you have reached the maximum. Get the tape and tape down the fold. Here is your henna cone. In our next clip, I will be showing you how to do Indian designs.

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