Henna – Indian Designs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Beauty and Fashion Expert Lucky Sohi breaks down the various henna Indian Designs.

    Lucky Sohi: I am Lucky, here at Pink Karma Salon. Today, we will be doing henna designs. The fist one I will be doing originated from India, The Indian Design. We already prepared tubes that we will be doing the henna design with. You can already buy tubes that already have henna already in them. You can either start from the wrist line or the sides and go upwards, or start from the middle and go upwards.

    Today I will be starting from the sides. You can do any design to fill in the space. I am making a line right now and another line right across it. I cut off the design with the line on top. Make another line on top of that one that you just made, to make this design actually stick out more. On top of this design, you can make other hump looking designs right above it. I make another line right above it again. Double line it, so they actually stick out. If you want, you can actually fill in the line, so it's a bold line.

    When you are done doing a design like this, you can make a bigger design, like a leaf. Filling the leaf with different designs, like we previously just made. Keep filling in the leaf until it's all full with designs. You can fill the whole thing up on top, if you want. To make it stick out, do other designs around it. Make sure when you are applying the henna that the tube doesn’t scrape the skin, otherwise you won't apply the henna correctly. Pick it up at an angle and then apply it.

    Now I am joining a line across to make the design we just made to stick out more. If the line is not thick enough, you can go over again. Then continue filling in the design we just made. You can just think of any design that are filling to the shape we just made to fill in the space that is left. Double line any design you make, so that the design actually sticks out. Continue doing designs to fill in the space that is left.

    You can put in designs that are leaf like or any other lines or circles or anything to fill in the space. Here I have done a traditional Indian design. We did leaf, then abstract designs to fill in the hand. Wait until the design or henna has almost become crusty, so it just comes off. When thy come off, you can use baby oil to prevent it from fading away. In our next segment, we will be doing Arabic designs.