Herb Garden – How to Make Your Own Potting Soil

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Avid home gardener Amy Stuart demonstrates how to make your own potting soil for your container herb garden.

    Amy Stuart

    Amy Stuart is a Warrenton, VA, resident, an avid home gardener, and a 2007 graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She works with clients to build sustainable diets through individualized lifestyle choices teaching cooking classes, giving workshops and providing one-on-one health counseling.

    Amy Stewart: Good afternoon! I am Amy Stewart with Project Wellness and in this segment I am going to teach you how to make your homemade potting mixture.

    In order to do this, its very simple; all youll need is a large pot with no hole in the bottom or a five-gallon bucket. Youll need some peat moss, some compost or compost and manure as in this case, and youll also need some vermiculite, a troll, and I am going to choose to use some gloves.

    So, heres what were going to do. Glove up, keep your hands clean, and then youll just simply take equal portions of each of the three items that Ive named and mix them up just like this. So, were going to take our compost and go first.

    Compost is excellent for feeding the soil, providing nutrients, and for feeding your plants as they grow.

    The next thing well take is an extra portion about the same amount of vermiculite, and this is what it looks like. Basically it kind of looks like ground-up styrofoam and its awesome for drainage, and thats exactly what your plants are going to need when you get them into your containers, and well do that next.

    You can see, I am not really worried about making a mess.

    Last, well add our peat moss. I am going to move this down so that the peat doesnt blow away.

    Peat moss is an amazing organic growth material, youre probably wondering why I am not using dirt, and thats because everything were putting into this pot will provide what your plants need. It will be excellent for drainage, and you just cannot always get that from dirt. Certainly not whats in your backyard.

    All of the items that I am using today can generally be picked up at some type of a farm and seed store, and sometimes in your home and garden center.

    These items did come from the farm and the seed store.

    Alright, and now were just going to mix, if I can let you see what I am doing a little bit, can you see it?

    So, youre basically just going to create a nice even mixture where all of the light particles are kind of distributed evenly, the compost is mixed in, and your peat moss is ready to nourish your plants as well.

    Alright, I am going in. This is by far the messiest part of this entire thing. Alright, I think its just about there, we may have to mix it up a little bit more from the bottom, but essentially thats what its going to look like when its done, and that is how you make your own potting mixture at home.