Herb Garden – Planting Your Herbs in Your Pot

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Avid home gardener Amy Stuart demonstrates how to plant herbs in your container.

    Amy Stuart

    Amy Stuart is a Warrenton, VA, resident, an avid home gardener, and a 2007 graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She works with clients to build sustainable diets through individualized lifestyle choices teaching cooking classes, giving workshops and providing one-on-one health counseling.

    Amy Stewart: I am Amy Stewart, and in this section we are going to fill our pots with dirt and go ahead and plant our herbs.

    So, I will start with my small one here, and all were going to do is just go ahead and load the pots with our homemade potting mixture. Basically, what I am going to do is I am going to fill the pot up until I have about an inch left and then once we get our plants in, I will decide if I need a little bit more dirt.

    We will start off with planting our preschool sprouts and it looks like they used something similar to our peat pots. So, what well do is, were just going to plant this whole thing in the dirt and Id like to make sure that I go ahead and I bury especially with a sprout that I bury it almost up to the leaves, but not cover the leaves with dirt.

    So, its going to look basically like that once you get the sprouts in the dirt.

    Next, well go ahead and work on our complete Italian herb garden. Were going to start with basil; and I am actually going to put my basils in the middle of the pot and then Ill put everything else around it.

    Basil even though looks small, it gets huge, so, especially if you have it in great light with plenty of moisture. So, as you can see, I am burying this as deeply as I can. I simply pulled the plant out of the plastic container, grabbing it like that. You can pretty much -- as long as youre pretty careful with it, you can pretty much grab a plant without worrying about hurting it too much. So, were just going to use one for this pot.

    The next thing were going to do is use our oregano, and Ive got a pair scissors because these are great little pots because these are also peat pots and so what you do is you just simply take the plastic wrapper off and you can plant the whole thing. So, were going to bury it in the dirt, like so. I am planting these at basically 12 oclock, 4 oclock, and 7 o clock.

    Now, remember your rosemary is going to be the one that you maybe able to pull in, in the winter time. So, thats also another candidate you could use to put in the middle except, for me rosemary just never seems to get as big as basil, and wanted to give the basil a plenty of room.

    And then, parsley, which well also be growing as an annual.

    This pot seems to be little stiff here, alright. So, these ones you can recycle.

    So, when you can get the other kind of pots they are really better. Alright, so get the parsley in a little bit deeper. I dont worry too much about my root ball. Some people like to move the roots around, I kind of just let them be, I figure they are having enough trauma with me working with them already.

    If you feel like you want to, you can leave your little sticks that come with them in, so you know what everything is until you are an expert gardener and you already know.

    So, now weve gotten everything in, it may look like its not quite so full; however, as time goes on and everything grows it will fill in and you are going to have a gorgeous garden and I would actually -- I am going to train my parsley to kind of down this side a little bit, but that is what its going to look like, and that is how you get your herbs into the dirt.