Herb Garden – What Location is Best

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Avid home gardener Amy Stuart discusses how to select the right location for your container herb garden.

    Amy Stuart

    Amy Stuart is a Warrenton, VA, resident, an avid home gardener, and a 2007 graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She works with clients to build sustainable diets through individualized lifestyle choices teaching cooking classes, giving workshops and providing one-on-one health counseling.

    Amy Stewart: Hi! My name is Amy Stewart and this afternoon after planting our herb garden, were going to talk about where we can actually grow this thing so that it will thrive.

    I like to put my pots in very sunny locations. A sunny location will enable the plants to grow best. You could water in the daylight out of them and not worry about the soil getting too moist, and these kinds of herbs, particularly the Italian one love the heat.

    So, youll get a lot more result out of your garden a lot faster.

    So, after we get this garden watered, I will just simply situate it in the sunniest place that I can find. If you live in an apartment and dont have the ability to put your plants outside, you would just simply choose the sunniest window in you house. Be aware that you, especially as you are growing things for the first time, you may need to experiment and find out what spots in your house works the best.

    For example, this garden may grow great in your kitchen windowsill over the summer, but its drafty in the winter time, it could kill everything thats on your windowsill.

    So, be aware of that and just keep an eye on your plants and theyll take care of you, and that is how you choose where to situate your potted plants in or outdoors.