Hershey Halloween Treats

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video series, The Hershey Company’s Linda Stahl, Manager/Director of the Hershey Kitchens, demonstrates how to make six fun and delicious Halloween cookies. The videos go through the process step by step to show you how to bake and decorate these cookies that will be a great addition to any Halloween celebration.

    Linda Stahl: Hi, I am Linda Stahl, Director of the Hershey Kitchens. I am going to show you how to make six cookies to make your Halloween season special. The cookies we are going to be making are Edible "Masks", which are large cookies meant to be eaten and not worn, Halloween Cookies on a stick. Then we will do Happy Halloween Monster Pops, then we will do Spooky Cookie S'Mores which is a chocolate cookie variation of our favorite Graham Cracker S'more Treat, then we will do Witch's Hat Cookies and finally we will do Yummy Mummy Cookies. Some of the tools and materials you will need are mixer and mixing bowls, cookie sheets, wire racks, measuring cups and spoons, rubber scraper, spatulas, rolling pin, pastry bags and tips and we will cover all the ingredients you will need for each recipe as we go through them.

    Before we get started, let me tell you little bit about myself. I am the Director of Hershey Kitchens and I have been working and baking with Hershey ingredients for over twenty one years. The Hershey Company is the largest producer of quality chocolate in North America and a global leader in chocolate and sugar confectionary. Okay, let's get baking.