‘Higher’ Education in Florida

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Florida will vote on the legalization of medical marijuana later the year but Medical Marijuana Tampa is already holding classes in the different aspects of cannabis and looking to expand.

    Florida won’t vote on legalizing medicinal marijuana until November, but one school’s getting ahead and bringing a new meaning to higher learning.  A school called Medical Marijuana Tampa is offering classes on the history and pharmacological benefits of cannabis—and yes how to grow it.  A one month class is $499 but good luck getting in---all classes or currently full.  Your best bet might be getting hired in one of the 15 open positions.  If the state legalizes pot, they will open 5 more classrooms, 15 treatment centers and one lab.  And they only have the best intentions.   One rep said “it’s education oriented.  We’re not trying to set up a shop where we’re selling drugs.  We’re trying to educate people.”