Hijole Caramba – Mexican Omelet

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Food Stylist Stephanie Rose demonstrates how to make a Mexican omelet called hijole caramba.

    Stephanie Rose:Hi, I am Stephanie Rose and we are back here making awesome omelets. Today, I am going to show you how to make another one of my favorites, a Mexican, Hijole Caramba omelet. It's very simple. You are starting with the traditional egg mixture with two eggs, three eggs actually and we are going to have a little salsa in it and we are going to also put a little bit of Pepper Jack cheese which I like very much. I like the spice of it. So let's start mixing these up, I am using here my third egg. Carefully break the egg into here so we don't get any eggshells, little bit of milk, because I like the richness of the milk, little bit of pepper, a lot of pepper. It doesn't matter if this is spicy, it's supposed to be spicy. Let's mix this up. The harder, the better. If you want to make your own salsa, that's fine, but really, store bought fresh salsa works just as well if you don't have the time, you are in a hurry and Pepper Jack is readily available at most grocery stores. This is pretty much your standard block. Now, I like to grade it. I have graded it in your traditional fashion here, but I wanted to show you another trick. I use a peeler which I find it very simple. You get nice, little ribbons. I like the way it layers out and I like the way it melts when it is in the omelet and it is easy to do. You just peel away, peel away, there we go. That should be plenty. That's a lot of cheese here. I will put that on top, so I am going to put that in first and then we are going to take all of our mixings over to the stove and I am going to start cooking. I have brought it on medium, again, we are going to watch the sides because it is the important area and that's going to start cooking first and then we are going to lift up the sides and let the egg mixture kind of, run underneath. It's just a little runny on top. I am going to start adding my cheese because we don't want it overcooked and we want the cheese to have a little bit of time to melt. I don't usually measure it, but I would say, I add a lot of cheese. At least a quarter to a half a cup of cheese. Finish. Then we are going to add a little bit of salsa. It's cold so you want to get this in here early on so it can get warm. Alright, you can add a quarter cup, half a cup, eighth of a cup, however much you like. Spatula, oh, yeah. It looks good. I am going to let that cook a little bit more. Alright, I want to turn that over, let that cook a little bit more, a little bit fell out, that's okay. I finished my delicious Hijole Caramba omelet and I can't wait to eat it. It was very easy to get out of the pan, I folded it over and then I just slid it out of the pan right on to the plate. As you can see, I like to garnish it so I put a little dollop of sour cream and added a little bit more salsa, some fresh cilantro and avocado and some beautiful tomatoes and a pepper, but you don't really want to eat that, because that's just there to look pretty. I can't wait to eat it and now, we are going to move on to our next omelet. I am going to be showing you how to make a smoked salmon and goat cheese omelet. Now I am going to bite into the omelet.