Hip Hop Dance – Crossing Toe Stand with Kick Out

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dance instructor Josh Jackson demonstrates how to learn hip hop dance through the dance move crossing toe stand with kick out.

    Josh Jackson: Hi, this is Josh Jackson here with Studio Bleu Dance Center in Ashburn, Virginia. We are going over different hip hop choreography and hip hop dance moves. So, the next step that I am going to teach you, I call them crossing toe stands with the kick out. This move is come to me through watching different hip hop choreography throughout the past year and I just started to doing them. All they are is exactly what I said they were, crossing toe stand with the kick out. This is what they look like, cross, kick, cross, kick, cross, kick, cross, kick.

    Now, your arms are easiest part, so we will start there. All your arms do start out over head like this a loose fist. Then you drop them out on a second account like this, then you bring them up, bring them out, up bring them out, up again and bring them out. That's the eight count move. Remember, do not grab your hands in anyway, do not lock them, do not grab your wrist, do not cross your arms, right here fist should be very close to touching but not touching and it should be a loose fist overhead. Now, with your feet, but you are going to have to remember is they our toe stands. So, get on to your toe, your foot should not be at like this, cross here bend your knees and kick out.

    Notice my heels on the ground, my toes pointing out, I am flexing my foot. My right knee is bent; I am leaning to the right side of my left foot out. Lean to whichever side opposite that the foot is out. Remember, left in front, left out, right in front, right out. What that means, is that you start out crossing your left foot in front and left out. Now, as I come back right in front, right out, right in front, right out, that is the position, right foot is now flexed, pointing up, heels on the ground, my left knee is now bent and then I come back to the left in front, left out, here, here, here, here. So, putting this altogether, arms overhead and opening them up, feet crossing in and kicking out, kicking out on your toes, eight count move, goes one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. That is the eight count move of crossing toes stands with kick out. Remember, to stay on your toes and bend your knees.

    The next hip hop dance moves I will be going over will be helicopters and the stalls.