Hip Hop Dance – Helicopters into a Stall

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dance instructor Josh Jackson demonstrates how to do the hip hop dance move helicopters into a stall.

    Josh Jackson: Hey, it's Josh Jackson again here at Studio Bleu Dance Center in Ashburn, Virginia. This next hip hop move, power dance move is all I like to call them are helicopters into a freeze ray stall. Okay, this is more of a medium to hard hip hop dance move. Alright, it is slightly difficult, the biggest thing you need to have is upper body strength. So, starting out for standing position, what we are going to do is you are going to plant your foot on the ground. Hands are going to come right down by the feet and as that happens your right foot comes out to the side.

    Remember to try to flex your right foot. Now, you are going to swing your right foot in front as it comes in front, take your right hand of the ground, place it over, left hand off the ground and place it over. Now, remember keep all of your weight on your left foot right now, transfer the weight to your shoulders over your hands and what you are going to jump your left foot over your right leg, like this.

    As you do that you see my right foot goes behind me. Now, you swing it back out to the starting position. So, this comes around here to here. Remember this position; your left foot is going to jump over your right leg, like this. As soon as your right leg jumps over, you kick your right foot back and it swings back over to the right side. Now, to break this down into full speed to a half speed, sort of full speed here, I am going to step, plant, kick out, that is how you do a helicopter.

    Okay, this is more of a medium to hard dance move. The next step from the helicopter I am going to show you how to do it into a freeze or a stall. This is the move that I like to do with some dancers. So, as you plant your hands down you come around to do one single helicopter around to here. Now, swing around a second time and walk your right foot with your left ankle and kick out like this transferring the weight onto your right foot.

    Now, we are going to show you a couple of different angles on how to get into the stall that you could not see before. As your hands plant here, the helicopter comes around. Now, as you get to hear this is the end of the helicopter if you are going to go into a stall. Okay, what I am going to do is I am going to turn around from this position and show you what it looks like from behind. So, like I said foot has just come around and has finished right here.

    Your right foot then comes in and locks with your left ankle as you jump back and putting all the weight on your hands and shoulders. So, as you are here and you switch feet, you are now planted as you see on this right foot with your left ankle behind. Now, you are going to jump back to the same position towards the same position that you were just in, going into a freeze.

    Okay, now as you do this, remember jumping back here, this right knee is going to lock on the elbow. You are going to put your right elbow, right here on your right hip crossing the feet, right side of your feet will plant on the ground. You can take your left foot out or keep it crossed and you can drop down out of it. That is the back angle for you to see, what my feet are doing. Now, we do it in a full speed for you.

    That foot comes around here, say here and then drop down. That stall is more of an advanced freeze or stall and you also have to quite flexible to do that. Remember when you do this stall. You can practice it without doing the helicopters or anything else, starting with your hands on the ground, take your right knee here, get it close to your left elbow. Cross your left foot, behind your right ankle and balance, putting your face on the ground. Remember, add a little flair character, you can kick the left foot out. That is how you do that stall, like I said before that is more of an advanced stall.

    Now, to go through this full speed, show you what it is supposed to look like, step down, around, kick, kick back, stall, kick out and then fall out of it, jump out of it, however you feel comfortable with. That is how you do a helicopter into a freeze or a stall. Next hip hop dance move that I will be working with are broncos.