Hip Hop Dance – How to Body Roll

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dance instructor Josh Jackson demonstrates how to body roll when learning hip hop dance.

    Josh Jackson: Hi, this is Josh Jackson here with Studio Bleu Dance Center in Ashburn, Virginia. Next step or hip hop dance move that I will be teaching you is going to be a body roll, starting with your feet, raising all the way up to your shoulders and then I carry on to a more advance body roll of rolling it from your feet to your shoulders throughout to your finger tips.

    Now, the main thing you need to realize is you have got to be relaxed and while being relax you have got to maintain control of all your body parts and muscles. So, first thing to start it out, start with your feet, you squat down loosing up, relax, your shoulders, chest, set back, hips are back, you are going to push through on your feet, heels off the ground pushing your knees forward. As you are pushing knees forward, roll it up to your hips throw your knees back a little a bit now, stomach is starting to come out. Now your chest comes out and shoulders. So, doing it a little bit faster, you are rolling up and popping. So, eventually you get to the points where you can roll and pop like that. Now, a side profile look at this, squatting down, relaxed, pushing the toes, rolling chest, shoulders. Now, doing it little quickly, pop-boom that is the side look of a body roll. Now, continuing out through the shoulders and finger tips for those who want advanced. You have got to maintain the relaxed feeling throughout your arms and but yet maintain control.

    Remember to isolate each joint. Shoulders have just pop forward. Now, as I pop forward, elbow start to come up, fingertips start to go back. Now, elbows come down wrists come up, break the wrist, then the knuckles, through the knuckles to the fingertips. Now roll, pop; remember a ball is supposed to be on to your joint. Isolate each individual joint, rolling, pop. Now, continuing all the way up to body, we roll pop-boom, side look shoulders to fingertips. Here elbows are up now wrist start to come up, knuckles, fingertips, all it takes is a lot of practice. Now, you have got to relax your arms and pay attention to what muscle is going where.

    Shoulders have just popped forward as they pop forward like this, now your elbows are coming up and as your elbows come up with in your rolling, just point your fingers back, breaks the wrist, then it goes through the knuckles, then it goes thorough the fingers. Now, all that is supposed to look like a ball is rolling thorough your arms, so you roll pop to there. Remember to isolate each individual joint and that goes for each individual joint in your hand, wrist, knuckles, second knuckle, third knuckle and finger tips. You need to isolate and pop, side, pop boom. That is how you do a body roll beginner and advance.

    The next hip hop dance step that I will be teaching you is a Crossing Toe Stand and a Kick Out.