Hip Hop Dance – How to do Broncos

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dance instructor Josh Jackson demonstrates how to learn hip hop dance and do the bronco dance move.

    Josh Jackson:It is Josh Jackson one more time; we are at Studio Bleu Dance Center in Ashburn, Virginia. I am going to move on to a more difficult hip hop dance move if you will. It is more of a power dance move. It takes a lot of strength, a lot of upper body strength and a lot of coordination, its called broncos. I will show you how to do the basic bronco, then we are going to do a 180 into the broncos and then a 180 into broncos with a handclap on the back.

    Okay, like I said this is a difficult hip hop dance move, more of an advanced level. The reason it is advanced is because you must have the upper body strength as well as the coordination and stability in order to do it. Okay, the best way to look at these is through side angle. You need to think of the ground as when you are going to plant and jump into it as a pool.

    Okay, think of diving off of the diving board and going into a handstand into the pool diving straight down. So, what you are going to do, you are standing here, you are going to bend your knees and you are going to jump up and come down. When you come down, to plant your hands, you are going to be above shoulder with the part and you are going to plant your hands. Now, watch my feet as they come overhead arch to my back.

    Okay, now as I arch my back, I am going to bend my elbows and I am going to do what is called a snap down to get out of it. I am here and I kick out of it. Now, to show these more of a full speed, half speed look, standing, diving, kicking out. Okay, now that is the basic of a bronco. Once again when you are standing here, arms think of it as a pool. You are looking to diving into the pool. When you hit the ground on your hand, you are arching your back, your feet are coming over your head, you bend your elbows as you go to push up off the ground.

    Your hands need to push and lock out your elbows and as soon as they do that your feet take from over your head to back behind you, so that you kick up and out. Now, right here up to here. Now remember when you land, you be out of bounce with it, bend your knees, so you can go immediately back into another bronco, if you just do one of these not as good, that is the building blocks of the broncos, but you want to get about three or four in there if possible. You can leave it with two if you want to and just build up from there. Okay, now show your full speed, what a bronco looks like. Standing, plating, kicking, back, back, those are broncos. As you noticed every time I went over myself on my hand, my elbows are bend, feet are over head, my back is arched and when I kicked back up, pop my elbows, kick my feet back down as soon as I hit the ground. I bend my knees and I jump back into them.

    That is how you do a bronco. Now, how do you get into a bronco? What is a good way, if you are looking to battling somebody? To get into a bronco is a 180 into the bronco. Okay, now 180, very simple, what you are going to do, you are going to step right foot and plant your left foot. Okay, remember keep your shoulders back, chest out. You want to present yourself in a positive way.

    Okay, so as you plant your left foot, notice how my left foot is angled to the left. It is not pointed straight and it is not to the right. This is going to be a lot more difficult and it is going to make for you to do a 180 this way with foot crossing in front to the right. Plant to your left on that second step, so you plant right, plant left, point it left when you go to do this now. Now, that it is pointed that way you are already turning your body. As you turn your body, you are going to throw your left shoulder back this way and once again think of the ground as a pool. You are jumping entirely off your left foot and you are jumping up, turn your hips in the air and dive into ground.

    This is how it looks full speed, step, cross, jump, back up. Okay, now like I said breaking it down here step right, cross left, drop left shoulder, drop the hips, jump off and you are planted into a bronco to go back up. Now, as I said before the more advanced way to do these are handclaps.

    Get extremely comfortable with broncos before you start the handclaps. Handclaps are to be done after you snap down. As soon as you pop your hands off the ground and you land in your feet, handclap behind the back and you jump back into it and bring your hands around from your back. So, let me show you full speed the 180 into the broncos with the handclaps.

    So, step right, cross, go, notice when I jump up, popped up off, hands came behind the back, clapped and I jump back into it. The first set, I did not do the handclap because I want to get comfortable with the bronco. This is something you should do, get comfortable with the bronco, then work to the next level of the handclap behind the back. So, as I just covered regular broncos, a 180 into the broncos, a 180 into the broncos with a handclap behind the back.

    That is how you do those; the next thing I will be going over is some beginning to intermediate hip hop dance choreography. Just to 8 counts to keep that simple, thank you.